Sunday, November 26, 2006



I miss you all. A lot of issues I would like to talk about, actually been wanting to post something for like 10 days now but didnt get the time. Anyway I am actually working now but logged on for 2 reasons; to reply to a comment I receieved by someone called 'Vem' in my previous post, you can read it here, and for another reason that you guys will be about to know now.....

Something great happened in my life. It could be one of those happy moments that come like twice or 3 times in your life. Ok I will explain. Last Wednesday at 6 a.m. I was reading a Billy Corgan journal on his website, and then I found a link to his space. Anyway I am not a myspace user, and do not know actually how to browse on it, but anyway I was on it and then I dont know how, but I managed to be on the page of someone called 'The Pumpkin Queen'. She is working for the band and she meets up with them like every day in the studio. She is currently looking for people (mainly Smashing Pumpkins fans) to do artwork for the band and their website. I emailed her.

Subject: Egyptian Pumpkin

Hey Pumpkin Queen;

I was browsing on myspace and I found your page after going through several leads. I guess I got to it after checking the journal by Jimmy. Anyway let me introduce myself, I am Sherif, not a Sheriff like you say in your country, but Sherif. This is my name; I dont know if you are familiar with Arabic names. :)

Yes I am Egyptian, bred and born here, raised here, visited half the world, I am not that rich though. I started listening to the Pumpkins when I was 11 years old. I'll be 24 in Feb by the way. You just dont know how much I am into the Pumpkins. I know how fans keep referring to themselves day and night as the biggest fan, but let me tell you something, I am sure about being the biggest SP and Billy Corgan fan in the Middle East.

I dont know if you have ever been to Egypt, but I have been to the USA and people there think we are still riding camels. Let me put it like this, we have avid music fans here. Rock and Alternative form a huge sector in our society. And I have lots of friends who are into the Pumpkins. Most of them became fans due to my passion towards the band but you have to know this, and please inform Billy the king about it too; THERE IS A HUGE SMASHING PUMPKINS BASE HERE IN CAIRO. :) *sorry for using the caps, I just wanted to prove something* lol

I listen to SP every day since I was 11. Some people even say I look like Billy Corgan. I am a Pisces too. I have a 'ZERO' tee and I basically own every single album released by SP, Billy, ZWAN, Jimmy and James, b-sides, etc...

I listen to many artists, but you just dont know how I am committed and attached to SP. I am still living in the past, I dont even try new bands, I am a loyal fan and never got bored of repeating the same stuff again and again and again.

I dont know how to draw not even a fish. I dont write poems. I write football articles though. I am not emailing you to prove something or ask you out through the internet like some perverts that I am sure bombarded your publicly displayed email. I am just in love with the Pumpkins and I would love if my message reaches Billy.

I want Billy to know that there is a guy named Sherif Zaki who is sitting right now in Egypt at 6:20 a.m. listening to Tonight Tonight while working on a presentation that he has to submit to work in 3 hours. Tell him that a Muslim guy (I already know how most of the west think about Muslims) who speaks fluent Arabic is currently waiting for the new album since June last year. Tell him that this guy bought Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness in '94 and is proud to say that this was the first ever album he ever buys, knows all his lyrics by heart. Tell him that this guy was hopeless after the band seperated officially in 2000. Tell him that this guy ordered his poetry book and had The Future Embrace on the day they were out by ordering them overseas and it was a lot of trouble but it was WORTH IT. Tell him that on the same day when Billy said he want his bands and dreams back, I was in tears.

I dont know what to say, I could keep talking for hours. I hope I meet Billy one day. If there is a way for him to send me an email through you, at least by only typing one sentence, so I can print it and frame it on the walls at work and home, I'll be forever grateful. If I can send you my pic and he would write me an autograph, it would be just like heaven.

Phew! I think I better stop, I think I bored you.

SP for life.


The biggest Pumpkin Fan in Egypt and the Middle East.

So anyway I was very happy while I was writing the email and was more happy the moment I sent it. I thought that maybe, maybe, a little maybe she could read. I know that thousands like me send their emails and only the lucky ones pass through. At least I wanted her to know that SP's favorite fan is living here in Cairo, the city that never sleeps.

Back to the subject. I come back today to work. With a smile on my face and singing in a loud voice. I opened my inbox. Then checked my junk mail and I saw the name 'THE PUMPKIN QUEEN'. So I quickly marked the email message and moved it on to my inbox. Anyway, I am someone who likes a little bit of suspense and excitement. So i go up and grab my cup of tea, and come back to read the email. I was in shock before reading it, because I never thought she would even read my email, let alone replying to me!

Subject: Re: Egyptian Pumpkin

dear sherif -
that is one of the most beautiful letters for the band
i have ever received.

you will be happy to know, i'm in the studio right now
with billy and jimmy and i just sent it to their emails
so they could read it too. so, at the very least, you can
wake up or go to bed knowing that billy corgan has
read the letter from sherif zaki. :)

do you have a myspace sherif? let me know.
take care
and thank you so much for your earnest and genuine
support of the pumpkins.



Even if Billy never replies. Even if he didnt read the email. Even if you think I am stupid. The most important thing is that Billy knows by now that there is a big fan here in Cairo, Egypt. The country that 'VEM' hates to be associated with. The country that 'VEM' is living in but hates to be identified with. At last after all those years, Billy Corgan knows about me! I never expected her to read the email. I never expected her to reply. She replied, She forwarded the email to both Billy and Jimmy!!! Thank God!

I am happy. I am more happy than anyone right now. I could just retire and sit at home, watch my football matches and eat for the rest of my life. I could even stop listening to the Pumpkins and stop listening to music in general.

This is a moment in life when you feel you accomplished everything and now it is time to have some rest. Time to relax. Time to smile even more.

Billy Corgan knows about me. Billy Corgan knows about me.

I am proud to be his fan. Proud to be a Smashing Pumpkin Fan.

Maybe Manchester United will lose tonight to Chelsea. Maybe Israel will bomb the Arab world including my beloved Egypt. Maybe people will stop wearing FCUK and drinking Pepsi. Maybe Gamal Mubarak wouldnt be our new president.

Till any of these things happen; I am the king and you are all puppets. You are all suckers!

The non-suckers know who they are. They could feel my approval. They could feel satisfied because they are accepted by me.

Ok. Back to work now.

You know what! I am not even going to work now. I will take the rest of the day off.

I will be him


Monday, November 20, 2006

It is 8 pm now we are Monday

Been awake for a long time

I do remember finishing work at 6 am and was back to the office after that by 3 hours

All this is happening because I am doing this research and I am happy working on it

I went to the bathroom a lot during the past 2 days

I dont mind going a lot anyway

I got a weird email from someone who sent me this video from youtube

Please find below the content

Video Description

وصلنى من اخى الصغير هذا المقطع الذى كان يظن انه جزء مما حدث فى وسط البلد و لكنى اكتشفت ان المتحرشين هم جمهور الكره الذين كانوا يحملون الاعلام الوطنية
قاموا بخلع ملابس الفتاه على البوابة المغلقة - فصرخت الفتاه يا لهوىىىىى
و اضطر بعدها العسلكر لفتح البوابة و ادخالها لتسقط ارضا
وتستر نفسها بالعلم ...
اعتقد ان المصور هو احد رجال الامن بالداخل
Personal Message

and yu say soccer is the best sport?


I wonder why this 'someone' didnt sign with his/her name

Maybe the person is afriad of me

Why are you afriad of me

Soccer is the best sport

It is simple

Soccer is the best sport

It is not hard to say it

Soccer is the best sport

I witnessed educated guys masturbating in the best universities in the region

Imagine what would someone who earns 60 LE a month do

He only get to see girls on T.V.

That is if he has access to T.V.

This poor guy saw a blond girl beside him

You just dont know how people here look up to blonds

Lots of Egyptians are born with love towards the blonds

The guys were tortured

They wanted a piece of the cake

They wanted a sip of the cherry juice

They wanted to smell the flowers

They wanted to touch the gold

They wanted to feel the jelly

They wanted to taste the peanut butter and jam

This could happen anywhere

It happened before and it will happen again

Soccer is the best sport

The gate in the video represents the one of the Third Class Stand

It is her fault; why is she entering from there in the first place

Girls always blame everything on guys

You saw a video and now you say soccer is bad, soccer is evil, soccer sucks

Dont generalise like the Americans

Soccer is the best sport

Oh one more thing

Repeat after me please

Soccer is the best sport

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Diamonds Are Forever

First of all I would like to thank a special dude who acts like the 'spell check' on Microsoft Word. Sometimes I blog and due to my tight schedule, I just get off in a glimpse. This dude reads my blog and points out the catastrophic spelling mistakes of mine :) You rock 'K', I dont know where would I be now if you werent in my life.

I forgot my mobile last Tuesday at home. This was the first time since 96/97 that I spend 10 hours without a mobile. It felt so good and so real. I believe the mobile is the devil. I go back and compare my first ever mobile the Ericsson 388 which had a screen made of a thin straight line and now all the mobiles have screens as large as tv's with ring tones, videos, pictures, WAP, GPRS, etc.. it is really evil! Now you could be sitting drinking from a coconut under a palm tree in Qatar and sending live pics of yourself to someone in an Aerosmith gig at Vancouver. When we were young, we used to plan like Hitler used to plan before war in order to talk to our girlfriends. We used to have plan A, B and C. And sometimes they all fail. What if one of her parents answered? What time are we supposed to call? What if her dad ask me about my name? Thank God the caller id's hit the country when we were older or else we would have never managed to talk to girls back then. Nowadays kids are walking with mobiles all the time. So a 10 year old kid can now call the girls, send them his pics while taking a shower and minute-by-minute updates on his life. Now you believe me that the mobile is the devil?

The past 3 days have been hectic yet enjoyable. A Greek Football agent was here to watch some players in the Olympic National Team (U-21) and he was basically with me 15 hours every day. We went to the stadium twice to watch Egypt agaisnt Kuwait and Algeria respectively. We really sucked. Some players stand out but we really did suck in both matches. Best thing about all this is that I was seated in the VIP Box at the stadium. I am someone who loves the supporters in the Third Class Stand as they represent the real followers of any team. The first time I ever sit in the Second Class tier was last January in the African Cup of Nations. I've been going to the stadium for the past 13 years and I never witnessed going to the First Class stand let alone the VIP Box. I felt like both a king and a queen. I felt like the president. I felt sorry for myself and all the Egyptians as we severly suffer when we go to the stadium and are harshly treated all the time. At the Vip Box, they keep offering you Arabian Tea, Mineral Water and the Team sheet with all the names of the players and staff. In the first match, I suddenly discovered that I am going to sit beside Louis Van Gaal; one of the few coaches who won it all. I couldnt believe myself, I was dreaming and to add to that, my boss and I took him afterwards to dinner along with the Technical Director of AZ Alkmaar and the Greek Agent at Le Steak, a fine French restaurant on the nile at Le Pacha. I was semi-formal and all dressed up, something I really dont like but it was worth it. I took the Greek Agent the day after to Sequoia or whatever you spell it to have dinner and the guy loved the place and the atmosphere to an extent that he insisted on going there again last night which was practically his last 5 hours in Cairo. We ate a lot and had enough shisha to bomb Florida. George is a cool dude and I am glad I met him. He is one of the best agents in the business and I learnt from him a lot.

I would like to point out something and clarify it because some people get things in a different way. I believe that each one of us has an audience just like any influential person in the world. Actors, Painters, Presidents, Singers, etc... all have their audeince and people who look up to them. My friends are my audeince and I am part of the audience to each one of them. My friends like me and I like them too. But I am to my friends different than the president to his people. Hosni Mubarak for example cannot come out now with an afro and say I love the hips. But I can and so can you. If Mubarak comes out and say he likes to watch movies of gay sex, then it will be his last statement as a president. If Britney Spears comes out now and say she hates Arabs, then her audience will decline. And the examples go on and on. The reason I am saying all this, is because some people get offended at times from what I say. I believe they are my friends. They shouldnt be, because they should take me and accept me as I am. They should love me like I love them no matter what I write in my blog. I am not a celebrity to lose my audience or hurt their feelings. And the annoying thing is that I dont come out with weird comments or stuff that could hurt someone's feelings. In my last post I said I like the ass. If people think that from the moment I wake up till the moment I sleep I keep looking and zooming on asses then they should really get a life. This is stupid and anyone who think that doesnt actually know me. Plus, everyone I know and everyone I dont know likes something specific in one's body. Just for them to stay silent about it shouldnt make me evil for saying it. It is again the same sequence like any other thing people are ashamed to say they do like farting and burping and eating with their hands and screaming in the shower and and and. I rest my case with you people.

Verification Codes! This is something annoying me more than the smell of dirty pigs that you can experience when you are beside the ring road going to 6th of October City. Life was beautiful before such codes. Now everytime you update something in your email, you have to enter that code. The 5 looks like an S. The 9 looks like a small G (g). It is very stupid and irritating.

My friend Kane was having a conversation with this girl. It was the first time they meet. She was impressed with him and wanted to tell him 'Kane you are hot', but she didnt know how. So she asked him to say Coffee and Shot. So he was like: 'Co'ff'eeee' and 'Sho'tttt'. She was like 'OOOOH you have this New Yorker accent that I really like.'

Now this is stupid. I mean this is one of the most lame things I ever heard. The girl liked my friend. She could either tell him in the eye or if she want to point it out then she could have done it in any other way, but this is not even funny. LOL

Now I am eating Croissant and Pate 'Al Faysal' along with Vinegar Chipsy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thug Life...

Hello hello! I miss my blog. I miss it the same way a shy woman misses her bikini during pregnancy. I decided to post a blog now. I have been working like a mad cow for the past few weeks and now I want to blog. The way I want to blog now is the same way any newly married couple would want their wedding to end so they can get it on. I want to blog the same way Cinderella wanted to remain in the party and never get back home. I want to blog the same way like the Saudi guys in the previous post wanted to touch those women. I want to blog like never before.

A local fast food restaurant here in Egypt, not good, and also not bad, with a name that is not good, and also not bad is suddenly more popular than Pizza Hut. For one reason or another, it is called 'Smiley's Grill'. Their logo is very simple and stupid and childish and lame yet you will find it everywhere you go. Stickers of their logo is on every car now. I believe that they wait when everyone is asleep and they just go and stick it on the cars and on the walls. I hate Smiley's Grill more than FCUK.

So a few days back, I was on my way to work and talking to Kane and suddenly I was stopped by a policeman. The same policeman who stopped me 2 months ago and asked for my license because I was again talking in the mobile. The first time, I was able to convince him to give it back to me and insisted to pay an immediate charge. So when he stopped me this time, I already knew he would accept money, because I believe in 'once you pop, you cant stop' and this guy would accept any money you give him. The problem is that I am not a good driver anyway. I hate driving. I hate it just like billiards, golf, darts, shooting and horseback riding. I rarely answer my phone while driving because I do not like the interruption. Anyway, some may say: 'Ok Zeek, why dont you get this bluetooth thing to talk freely?' Dont ask me why but I consider these bluetooth ear phones totally GAY! They are so so gay that I would not even accept it as a present from the hottest babe around! It is so uncool and so out of style and makes you feel like a bloody Saudi businessman who is wearing perfume from head to bottom and wearing a white shirt and white pants and prada shoes and has a light trimmed beard. I dont want to look like that. I dont want to feel like that and I dont want to live like that.

Last week while I was remembering the school days (something that I've been doing at least 3 times a day for the past 8 years), I suddenly remembered that its been a long time since I ate peanut butter and so I ordered a whole jar that I almost finished last night! As a kid growing up in the Egyptian way, I used to take fries and ma7shy with me to school. No one in our family even knew what peanut butter is or tried it. LOL. I was always surrounded with lots of foreigners and Egyptian 'Cool' dudes in my class, which I was proud to be growing up with them and still have them in the highest regard. Those were the best days of my life without a doubt. So anyway, my friends used to come to school with peanut butter & jam sandwiches. I didnt understand what is this. I knew the jam, but I didnt know what is this peanut butter. I thought it is a brown nutella, but it wasnt. I fell in love with it and wanted to hug the person who introduced me to that magic. The same people introduced me to different things back in school such as marmalade and castard to name a few; but nothing felt so Zeek the same way like peanut butter. Thank you guys.

As I mentioned earlier in the post; the past few weeks were full of work madness. Even when I used to go out to the normal cafes I usually go to, I used to take my laptop and work from there. Apart from being anti-technology, the first time for me to take my laptop and sit in a cafe was last May. Even though I have the laptop since 2 years now but I rarely use it. I am more attached to the normal pc's. I even have a wireless connection at home that I do not use much, BUT I have to admit; I Loved how it feels to work while eating your sandwich and blowing smoke rings with the shisha and above all watching a football match. This was the ultimate. Now I am so in love with wifi. Look at it this way. I love working online. I do a lot of things online. Why do I have to stop when I go out? I could just go out and do the things I have to do, and enjoy my time with my friends, with my shisha and with my football. Some again may say, how come you do a lot of online work and you are anti-technology? My reply is, I love being online. I love the msn and I dont consider it a waste of time. I've been loving msn before anyone getting hooked on it. I love the football forums and the news. I could spend 7 hours online straight and leave and still feel that there was still much to do. I dont consider this as technology. I hate all the stuff inside the computer like the program files and windows and I dont know what and all those silly things are doing here. For me, the computer is internet browsing for work and research, and fun along with the msn messanger. So from now on, I will try to go to cafes more often with my laptop, wearing green and my collar will be up just like Johnny Bravo.

Each one of us, girls before boys, loves something specific in the other gender's body. I am not saying face features, I am saying body wise. Some girls would look at the chest. Some would look at his back. Some would look at his overall body look or at his hips. When it come to guys, some would look at her boobs. Some would look at her belly. Some would look at legs. Some would would look at her toes. And so on. My friends call me crazy, they say my taste is weird in women. I dont really care what people think about a certain girl. I could look at someone and find her pretty for a reason I cannot explain. But apart from saying someone is pretty or not, what if you ask me now, what is it you Zeek like more than anything else? What is it you Zeek like more than anything else but you also really dont care if you end up with someone who doesnt have it?

Zeek stands just like Hitler used to do full of himself and says: THE ASS.

It all started when I was 9 years old and watched this music video by Sir Mix-a-Lot called 'Baby Got Back'! DAAAAAAAAMN!!! Imagine a poor kid like me watching this video. I so loved it. I kept watching it again and again for the next 2 hours. I thought to myself...If Sir Mix-a-Lot likes the ass then so should you little boy!

I declare:

1. Do I love the ass more than any other body feature in the girl? Hell yeah.
2. Would I date or even like a girl just for her beautiful ass? Hell no.
3. Do I even think about the ass whenever I decide if I like someone or no? Hell no.
4. So the ass is purely something I just love more than anything else in girl's body but I care less if she doesnt even have an ass? Hell yeah.
5. Am I proud of picking the ass out of all the body features to love? Hell yeah. Some people prefer to look at toes and shoulders. What do you call such insane men who look at toes?!!

This post was written yesterday and I couldnt post it because I had lots of stuff at work. Voila. Btw, I have 2 cups of tea in front of me right now. One Earl Grey and the other is tea with mint.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Harassment in Saudi

Actually what you guys will be about to watch is something that happens every single day in most if not all the countries across the world. The thing is, these guys got sentenced to 12 years in Jail.

I am laughing here (not on the jail sentence, but on the video itself. This could win top prize in the funniest videos ever)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Everybody Loves Johnny Depp He Is The Only 2 Legged Creature That No One Hates

This is a message to humanity. I am in my 15th hour here at work. It is ok because I spent more than that before when we had more load; but I am seriously not focusing much this time. I drank a lot of tea. A lot of pineapple juice. A lot of water. A lot of peeing. A lot of writing. A lot of thinking. A lot of brainstorming. A lot of typing. And a lot of dancing while doing the typing and thinking and brainstorming and drinking and peeing.

I like to always come out with those little dancing techniques you know moving your shoulder and your head in a funky way. I love doing so. Call me a loser but I enjoy it.

Last night I watched the movie 'Good Burger' for the 31st time I think. I so love this movie. Even some kids could think this movie is stupid, yet I find it very very funny. Call me a loser one more time I dont care.

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"

I got a weird comment in a previous post; someone called me a babe!

If you call this guy who sleeps in the ahwa and people take photos and make fun of him a BABE; then honey, you seriously need to wear some glasses.

Now I depart. Peace and love upon you people.
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