Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Cold Saturday.

Haunting past
Go away

Live for today
It grips you so bad
It haunts you so bad
Go away

Feeling astray
Useless memories
Dissolved emotions
Go away

Who cares anyway?
Loneliness is emptiness
Run in silence
Go away

Let go
Go away

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Treat Me No Differently Than You Would The King.

A commoner and a queen
It all started with sweat
A conversation followed while stretching
Smoking, divides people

'I wrote a book,' he said
Snob, she seemed to be
Covered in pink; a beauty with large hazel eyes
FBI, attracts people

English as a first language
A sister with mystery in her eyes
Nephews; a player and a coach
'You wrote a book, like a real book?' She wondered

Internet, connects people
A resume of a beautiful nerd
Long emails, great movies and classy music debates
Macchiatos, gave life a new meaning

A commoner and a queen
Magic in the air
Cheesecakes and steaks
Started out of nowhere

Similarities electrified, striking as bullets
Differences, insignificant as war casualties
Like football and basketball, they both end with ball
Amazing, just like peanut butter and Coldstone ice cream

We can make a thousand promises that we won't keep
We can go anywhere from here
We just need to believe
What one man can do, another can do

Will you follow me?
I promise I will be kind
Fleetwood Mac sang it best
Tango in the night

A queen and a commoner
A sweet lullaby
A mad man tangling with a fitness freak
Like two strangers in NYC sharing a cab; both from different stops, off to the same destination
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