Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am a born pisces, but I dont eat fish.

Hey All;

Let me tell you that I've been very happy lately in my life. I've been to a live concert for one of the greatest bands, Iron Maiden. I am wearing a t-shirt for them now, and would never ever forget how they performed and their sound is still buzzing in my ears. A camera is now behind me, people are watching me. Chocolates are beside me, and a birthday I have to run to. What am I doing now on my blog? I seriously dont know, but I missed you. I missed everyone. I missed my blog. I always say that dont I. I always say 'I missed my blog'. It is becoming a cliche now, but hey, life is all about cliches.

I have to fill this page, or else the cameramen will not do their job properly, so basically I am blabbering now and I dont know what to do. 3 more lines to fill this page. Glory glory Man United. I still cant get over the match against Roma. I seriously have to go to the birthday NOW, Heba will kill me. But will she have the power to kill me? Does she want me dead?

The cameramen are leaving now accompained by the presenter who told me not to write her name. I've known her for 8 years, yet we never talked. It is funny how small life could be. She has a cold; and also a bad cough, the weather is terrible these days. But that didnt stop her from eating a Mars chocolate. I am not a fan of Mars. A lot of birthdays taking place lately. People are getting older. People are getting wiser. Others are getting younger.

This is one long funny weird post.

Thank you.
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