Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hell is other people.

A start to a new month.

Actually, the best month in the year.

The start of the Pisces zodiac sign will take place soon.

Valentine's is also there washing the brains of the people.

Egypt would have never won the African Cup of Nations if it wasnt held last Feb.

Manchester United would have never defeated and humiliated Arsenal in Highbury 4-2 if it wasnt played in that glorious month.

Zeek and his sis and his bro and their uncle and their aunt and their grandpa all got delivered in that month.

Enough about Feb.

Ok I can see you noticed that there isnt much to write, not because I am not interested, but mainly because I have no time at all. I got back from Dubai two weeks ago and I really want to blog about it. I want to mention my great friends and the great people I've met and the places I've witnessed and the bathrooms I've entered and the lovely food I used to eat every day.

I miss typing and writing.

I dont want to ever stop writing.


Smile when you read what the Zeek writes. If you dont smile then what you are doing and the way you are living is wrong. You know who you are.

It is not funny and it is not sad. It is just different.

Dont you feel different?
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