Monday, November 20, 2006

It is 8 pm now we are Monday

Been awake for a long time

I do remember finishing work at 6 am and was back to the office after that by 3 hours

All this is happening because I am doing this research and I am happy working on it

I went to the bathroom a lot during the past 2 days

I dont mind going a lot anyway

I got a weird email from someone who sent me this video from youtube

Please find below the content

Video Description

وصلنى من اخى الصغير هذا المقطع الذى كان يظن انه جزء مما حدث فى وسط البلد و لكنى اكتشفت ان المتحرشين هم جمهور الكره الذين كانوا يحملون الاعلام الوطنية
قاموا بخلع ملابس الفتاه على البوابة المغلقة - فصرخت الفتاه يا لهوىىىىى
و اضطر بعدها العسلكر لفتح البوابة و ادخالها لتسقط ارضا
وتستر نفسها بالعلم ...
اعتقد ان المصور هو احد رجال الامن بالداخل
Personal Message

and yu say soccer is the best sport?


I wonder why this 'someone' didnt sign with his/her name

Maybe the person is afriad of me

Why are you afriad of me

Soccer is the best sport

It is simple

Soccer is the best sport

It is not hard to say it

Soccer is the best sport

I witnessed educated guys masturbating in the best universities in the region

Imagine what would someone who earns 60 LE a month do

He only get to see girls on T.V.

That is if he has access to T.V.

This poor guy saw a blond girl beside him

You just dont know how people here look up to blonds

Lots of Egyptians are born with love towards the blonds

The guys were tortured

They wanted a piece of the cake

They wanted a sip of the cherry juice

They wanted to smell the flowers

They wanted to touch the gold

They wanted to feel the jelly

They wanted to taste the peanut butter and jam

This could happen anywhere

It happened before and it will happen again

Soccer is the best sport

The gate in the video represents the one of the Third Class Stand

It is her fault; why is she entering from there in the first place

Girls always blame everything on guys

You saw a video and now you say soccer is bad, soccer is evil, soccer sucks

Dont generalise like the Americans

Soccer is the best sport

Oh one more thing

Repeat after me please

Soccer is the best sport


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that video before and I was appalled. This video has nothing to do with soccer. I don't understand why someone would relate it. It can happen with any sport that has a lot of sexually frustrated guys and a female stuck in between.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 4:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Marlboroman said...

"It can happen with any sport that has a lot of sexually frustrated guys and a female stuck in between."
Not only in sports Sukie, imagine a concert for Amr Diab, same might happen, In west el balad in the opening of this shitty movie it happened, Infront of private universities, I've seen it happening.
The majority of Egyptians are frustrated. POVERTY IS THE KEYWORD

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 2:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Vem said...


I saw this video & I have to disagree with you, how can blame the woman for how others have treated her!? I know alot of girls who want to go soccer matches & sit in 3rd class seats, they know this is where the fun is & we know this as well. They are not to be blamed for this!!!!

This clip is not about soccer, it is about the people here in Egypt & what they have become.

Seeing things like this makes me realize I am not proud to be an Egyptian, I don't think I will ever be. This is a perfect example of our country, no rules, organization or respect for anything.

I for one will be more than happy to drop this nationality if I had the chance. U think I am being harsh? Well I thought about this a million times... Egypt is where I live but it is not my identity.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 4:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Amr Fahmy said...

i've been going to ' daraga talta' for all my life, going to every home game from 1998

i have a couple of friends ( girls ) that come with us for 2-3 yrs now

beside the X rated songs about that white team from Meit Okba i can safely say they never encountered any sexual problems , usually when every once in a while when an idiot tries to be funny around them , the rest of the ppl in the stand square up to him and tell him to behave

i am not so sure about the reality of this clip but it doesn't represent anything or means that that what happens to girls that sit there , i never witnessed anything like that and i've seen at least over 300 games at Cairo Stadium

Thursday, November 23, 2006 7:51:00 AM  
Blogger Zeek said...


I am so sad really to hear this. Dropping your nationality? Man that sucks! Seriously, there is nothing more ugly than what you just said now.

And you didnt get what I said back in the post. I mentioned that 'people blame everything on guys'. The guys in the video are guilty no question about that, but what could they do? It is provocative for a girl to be standing in the middle of thousands and not get harrased! It is not heroic of her to be there and please dont tell me that they are humans and only animals cant control myself. You are saying people want to go there because they know that is where the fun is all about?! It doesnt make sense, because we should respect the country we are in. This is the problem of you people attacking Egypt. You and your girl could be kissing each other in the middle of the street in Europe. You dont do that here and when you do it here you dont look heroic, instead you look offensive to people and they have all the right to attack you. You dont walk around with a bottle of beer in the street and say 'I'm the king of the world'. You want to take your girlfriends to the stadium then take them and sit anywhere but Third Class. And if you want to take them to Third Class, then do it but not in derby matches because the atmosphere will be less horrific. If you tell me 'no, they want to go and experience the derby atmosphere' then I rest my case with you because you are just arguing for the sake of being heard. It is like telling me that your girlfriends want to sit in local ahwa balady the ones we guys sit in? If they want that, they can go to Khan El Khaleeli or certain ahwas in downtown where already you will find a lot of foreigners and girls sitting there. There are certain ahwas for that. I know a bunch of girls who came to see me after I had an operation in my leg 5 years ago, they surprised me by coming to the ahwa I sit in and you probably know it, and for the people who dont know it: girls are not even allowed to look at the ahwa so imagine sitting there. It was silly. They sat with me and ordered shisha and laughed and everything. It was stupid! Seriously. The people working there knew me and that's why they didnt mention anything or say silly comments, because I am their most valuable customer. But you could see it in their eyes. You could see it in their body motion. They could have raped those babes with their clothes on no question about that. They were sexually frustrated that their skin looked blue, orange, black and green all at once. I still dont know how come they never caused any trouble, on the contrary they were very polite to my guests.

I am proud of being an Egyptian. And I still believe that all guys in the world are sexually frustrated in a way. And that is why we are guys. A guy is a guy, anywhere and everywhere. People like you Vem wants us to treat all the girls like our sisters and go do shopping with them and reading the same magazines and watching the same movies and sitcoms. Man, you are dreaming. And you are free to dream here.

The main title of my blog if you dont know by now is:

The Empty Dreams of Egyptians.

Sunday, November 26, 2006 3:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Vem said...


I read your post & again I disagree with it :)

Why I see myself as a foreigner in my country? Ans: We all have values, what brings people closer together is probably how many of those values are common between us. When I look at my/our values compared to the average Egyptian I find that almost non are common. Well on the contrary, I think that ur & my values (Our class) are more aligned with the values of European & western countries. i.e I feel more comfortable around them, I can act myself around them & know it will not be offensive to them.

I am an open minded guy, I like my girl & girls in general to look sexy & attractive. Here in Egypt if one wears a skirt then khalas trouble is everywhere! Egypt should have a motto; "look ugly & we will leave u alone"
I admire when people show emotions in public (hold hands, kiss, hug..etc) but here in Egypt u have to think 10 times before u do any of this stuff. What I see as normal is offensive to all Egyptians... So how come I am one of them??
By the way, people can never do any of the above unless they are in a Pub, do u ever wonder why is that? simply bec the average Egyptian is out of the equation!

I can keep giving examples like this forever, at the end we will be back to main point...we are a minority in Egypt. Did u ever think how things will be in the future? people like u & me have all what we want while the other 90% are frustrated from everything, yet we call each other brothers... we don’t share their values, concerns, troubles & we even don’t think the same way yet in the end the easiest thing is to say we are brothers. How is that so??? How do u identify a brother? Born in the same place?

Believe me I tried so much to love this country but it is useless, I have seen much more loyal people than you & me go to Europe & the states only to come back & realize how bad Egypt has become. I used to consider myself a very patriotic person, I even have an Egyptian flag the size of my bed up on my wall... I fought many times with people who talked shamefully about Egypt only in the end to realize they are right & I am wrong. Sooner or later u will feel the same as well.

Don't u think life will be better if u take all ur friends & family & live in Europe or the states? What would make u stay here? What do u like & respect about Egypt? (Take family & friends out of ur ans & u will be left with nothing)

I can make this post go on forever if I want, trust me I can break any arguments u make against this post. I wanted to quote ur examples & argue them one by one but it will take too much time & space.

Thursday, November 30, 2006 3:09:00 PM  
Blogger Osiris Kane said...


I'm not very comfortable with your use of collective nouns as we....i really have to state my opinion because i for one in your book would be considered as a member of (our class) and my values are totally uninclined to those of Europe and the west. I am not alone out there i am sure many other members of (our Class) share my same set of values. If i see two people publicly displaying affection on the street i'd definetly show them a piece of my mind. If i travel abroad and see public display of affection done on their be keeping it in and praying i dont burst my lid...cause im on their turf.....and i respect that their values could be totally contradicting to mine, but they have the home advantage. same thing here, that is why i would chase the slut and beat a crap out of a honcho who is snogging his slut in a dark street in my neighbourhood. cause i have the home advantage. this is my town, my values , my rules, you dont like that then get the hell outta here!...

And that is the way it is anywhere. Dont you feel cheap having to hide in a Bar to do something like that? frankly i see cheapos do it in bars all the time and yes i dont even dare raising a finger, not because i accept it or my values dont, but it is because im dealing with people who are drunk who are totally out of their minds, whats the point of teaching someone a lesson he will forget the next morning.

We are not a minority, you my friend might be, and living in this bubble of "the lost boys/girls " but for God's sake dont try to inflate the bubble and include more people in it to make your anomaly seem okay ...yes you might be different, i respect that and i would see why you dont like it here, but dont talk on our behalf.

another thing , if i were asked to go live in Yankee land and take all family and friends with me...i wouldnt....because this so called hardship u experience living in Egypt is part of being an Egyptian. Its what makes me proud to be gives me the feeling that i deserve to be Egyptian.

By now im sure you are laughing your ass off and im sure you are saying that i am blinded by stupidity. I dont expect you to understand, cause you truly arent one of us.

So Vem, you have one of two choices...either stay here and swallow, cause frankly its your choice so suffer the consequences



either way....just shut up

Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Vem said...


A)U understood nothing from my post!! (Read it more carefully more spamming random words)people who know me, know what kind of a person I am. I am not what u described nor do I admire the people u described.
B) I was not talking to u, I was talking to Zeek, being a good friend of his I refered to him & me as our class... Akeed I was not refering to someone like you. lol
C) Ur post reflects a very young age, not really worthy of me to ans
D) YES!!! u made me laugh soooo hard, being the person u are I cant wait for ur next post. Plz make it more logical

Home turf advantage!!! What the Hell is this shit!

Thursday, November 30, 2006 6:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Vem said...


I was reading it again, lolz this is really twisted stuff!

- Hardship!? What do u know about this? u for real!?
- Inflated bubble!? u really think egypt is ok & the people are well off. It says on ur blog u like politics... u sure u know whats going on around u?
- u are a lawyer or planning to be one I would guess from ur blog. Well how can u interpet my post like this? Where did I mention sluts at all? Lawyers are supposed to interpet things better!
- U could have asked or commented in a better way rather than just attacking my post. Why do u do this? I guess it is easier to attack then to make a constructive arguments.
- U mention that I am different & u respect that! Do u tell a person to shut up if u respect him?

Thursday, November 30, 2006 7:45:00 PM  
Blogger Osiris Kane said...

I'm really flattered that you took the time and effort to respond to my ranting. It indeed reflects an open mind, now that i have your attention allow me to respond...and trust me this time i will be as constructive as i can:

1- You claim that my post reflects a very young age, well if i were to hold you to that i would be compelled to conclude that you are a person who enjoys poor judgement skills because i am quite an old person, last month i turned 5 years and 3 months since the day i was born so that makes me pretty old a model 2001 and alot has happened since then old man.
However, your deductions do seem to reflect mediocre investigative skills (not to mention alot of free time) to actually look up my profile and find out what i do. Yes i am a lawyer, but no it does not mention in my profile that i am into politics, yes the word politics does exist but it is the reason why my residential locations are so diverse.

Anyways enough with the Character assassination thing, not really my game:

1- what do you have against home turf advantage (yes that was a very simplistic way of putting it) but what i meant was simply the fact that strangers to certain cultures are morally bound to act in accordance with the values and norms of the community they are in. if they chose not to do so, well its alright, but then they should suffer the concequences of their choice ( in the situation we are talking about the yelling and the harassment) this doesnt make one culture worse than the other. applying that to the anti-thesis of the example you gave, if someone walks into a nude beach with clothes on, they should suffer the concequences of being harassed by everyone in there. It is your choice to walk into the nude beach in that are entitled to chose but do not complain from the concequences of your action that anyone in your shoes would have anticipated. It is not something new that Egyptians suffer from mass sexual frustration, and they shouldnt need to remedy such a trait, because that is the norm (not to be confused with normal) so you should think before acting, and anticipate the concequnces or the reactions to the action you are about to commit (which i am sure is an easy task to someone as open minded as you).

2- Hardship, Egypt is a rough place to live in, definetly rougher than western europe and other so called "civilized/advanced" nations. that should not make it a horrible place to live. alot of things that are taken for granted over there are merely privilges to a select few in this country but then again this goes back to the country's values and norms, i never said this country is peaches and cream, and i never would be taken seriously if i did...but for God's sake tell me one problem we encounter on a daily basis that would materially jeopardize our well being or existence. im not talking about the majority of Egyptians, im talking about (our Class) as you so eloquently put it, and i am not referring to my class i am referring to yours and Zakis casue obviously you have some stigma to beleive that i am from your same class as if i were too bee2a to be put in the same social group as you...yes i know why beacuse my ideas are backward and sooo closed minded and i am living in a bubble too opaque to see what is going on around me, too blinded by ignorance to notice how horrible it is for a girl to not have to wear her G-string to the Governmental complex in Tahrir square, how detrimental it is to society's values that they have to fuck their women indoors rather than in a public square or how we cant bar hop from La Bodega to cairo jazz club then sangria all in the same hour because the capital is too damn congested... or how corrupt our society is that i can pay my way outta a ticket for speeding or talking to my week old girlfriend on my new D&G endorsed motorolla rzr.....yeah i am too blind to see all are the rest of the infidels that plague this cesspool of backwardness.......yes we need help,
someone call the UN
someone call Human Rights Watch
someone call Amnesty International
forget the Genocide in Africa, the mass rapings in Rwanda, the ethnic cleansing in Nagarno Karbakh, the slave trade in eastern Europe , the drugs trade in south america, the paxa AMericana and the NZO.....lets forget all those and help poor persecuted VEM kiss his girlfriend whenever he damn pleases, wherever he damn pleases.

Lastly.... when i used the term "shut up" it was a term to express disagreement, rather than i do not disrespect your opinion, however i do disagree with it and i apologize for any confusion...

Awaiting your Feed back,

Osiris Kane

Sunday, December 03, 2006 5:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Vem said...

Kane (Hisham Foda..right!)

I still think my post was misunderstood to a great extent. To give u an example:
- Our Hardship (me & u) is nothing like what the average egyptian feels... ours is like heaven compared to them. to be honest I think we never felt hardship in any way. This is one of the major reasons why us and the avreage egyptian are not close to understanding each other, our life is so much different then them (i.e we learned, traveled, worked in the best palces & they had none of those). This leads back to my main point, how can we be brothers or even people of the same cultre? Is language alone enough? Even if u look at religion, this country is becoming shadowed by "ekhwana el moslmean" & although we believe in the same thing in the end, our daily values which govern our life are completly different to them.

- The second point which u missunderstood is my facination with sluts!!! I basically mentioned pubs because those are places were u would find girls feeling more comfortable & us as well, Foda... I can take u outside cairo & u wont feel at home at all, our life is basically inside Cairo (Certain places only), Gona, Sharm & Alex. Trust me I worked outside Cairo in places u haven't even seen. If I can feel not at home then I cant imagine how girls can feel, they walk in main streets in cairo & get picked on by egyptians... & YES!!! I like seeing the same girls who are having a rough time eveywhere enjoy themseleves in Pubs were they can feel more relaxed because they know everyone there is more or less the same class 9 (i.e They feel safe)... if u didnt like the example of pubs then take cafes for example, take sharm. Come on, look at the bigger picture, stop focusing on me & sluts & kissing!!!

You also mentioned several of the problems going around the world... What has this gotta do with this topic??? The focus here is Egypt & how well u fit here! The questions I will ask are simple; I can bet u, ur answers will be the same as mine!

- Do u get respect from the nationality when u travel? No
- Do u feel u are the same as the 90% average egyptian? No
- Are u proud of Egypt & what it has achieved? lol No ( we did nothing )
- Do u think "Our Turf rulz apply in Egypt"? NO & NO.. actually I think foreigners get more respect here in egypt than us!

Foda, I am done with this topic, I have my own views. Zeek has his own views & i respect this.

P.S: I could have used words such as "Shut up" to disagree with u but I am better than this. I think u tainted this blog with ur first reply & I doubt anyone but u & me is reading this. I am out of here.

Sunday, December 03, 2006 7:04:00 PM  

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