Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thug Life...

Hello hello! I miss my blog. I miss it the same way a shy woman misses her bikini during pregnancy. I decided to post a blog now. I have been working like a mad cow for the past few weeks and now I want to blog. The way I want to blog now is the same way any newly married couple would want their wedding to end so they can get it on. I want to blog the same way Cinderella wanted to remain in the party and never get back home. I want to blog the same way like the Saudi guys in the previous post wanted to touch those women. I want to blog like never before.

A local fast food restaurant here in Egypt, not good, and also not bad, with a name that is not good, and also not bad is suddenly more popular than Pizza Hut. For one reason or another, it is called 'Smiley's Grill'. Their logo is very simple and stupid and childish and lame yet you will find it everywhere you go. Stickers of their logo is on every car now. I believe that they wait when everyone is asleep and they just go and stick it on the cars and on the walls. I hate Smiley's Grill more than FCUK.

So a few days back, I was on my way to work and talking to Kane and suddenly I was stopped by a policeman. The same policeman who stopped me 2 months ago and asked for my license because I was again talking in the mobile. The first time, I was able to convince him to give it back to me and insisted to pay an immediate charge. So when he stopped me this time, I already knew he would accept money, because I believe in 'once you pop, you cant stop' and this guy would accept any money you give him. The problem is that I am not a good driver anyway. I hate driving. I hate it just like billiards, golf, darts, shooting and horseback riding. I rarely answer my phone while driving because I do not like the interruption. Anyway, some may say: 'Ok Zeek, why dont you get this bluetooth thing to talk freely?' Dont ask me why but I consider these bluetooth ear phones totally GAY! They are so so gay that I would not even accept it as a present from the hottest babe around! It is so uncool and so out of style and makes you feel like a bloody Saudi businessman who is wearing perfume from head to bottom and wearing a white shirt and white pants and prada shoes and has a light trimmed beard. I dont want to look like that. I dont want to feel like that and I dont want to live like that.

Last week while I was remembering the school days (something that I've been doing at least 3 times a day for the past 8 years), I suddenly remembered that its been a long time since I ate peanut butter and so I ordered a whole jar that I almost finished last night! As a kid growing up in the Egyptian way, I used to take fries and ma7shy with me to school. No one in our family even knew what peanut butter is or tried it. LOL. I was always surrounded with lots of foreigners and Egyptian 'Cool' dudes in my class, which I was proud to be growing up with them and still have them in the highest regard. Those were the best days of my life without a doubt. So anyway, my friends used to come to school with peanut butter & jam sandwiches. I didnt understand what is this. I knew the jam, but I didnt know what is this peanut butter. I thought it is a brown nutella, but it wasnt. I fell in love with it and wanted to hug the person who introduced me to that magic. The same people introduced me to different things back in school such as marmalade and castard to name a few; but nothing felt so Zeek the same way like peanut butter. Thank you guys.

As I mentioned earlier in the post; the past few weeks were full of work madness. Even when I used to go out to the normal cafes I usually go to, I used to take my laptop and work from there. Apart from being anti-technology, the first time for me to take my laptop and sit in a cafe was last May. Even though I have the laptop since 2 years now but I rarely use it. I am more attached to the normal pc's. I even have a wireless connection at home that I do not use much, BUT I have to admit; I Loved how it feels to work while eating your sandwich and blowing smoke rings with the shisha and above all watching a football match. This was the ultimate. Now I am so in love with wifi. Look at it this way. I love working online. I do a lot of things online. Why do I have to stop when I go out? I could just go out and do the things I have to do, and enjoy my time with my friends, with my shisha and with my football. Some again may say, how come you do a lot of online work and you are anti-technology? My reply is, I love being online. I love the msn and I dont consider it a waste of time. I've been loving msn before anyone getting hooked on it. I love the football forums and the news. I could spend 7 hours online straight and leave and still feel that there was still much to do. I dont consider this as technology. I hate all the stuff inside the computer like the program files and windows and I dont know what and all those silly things are doing here. For me, the computer is internet browsing for work and research, and fun along with the msn messanger. So from now on, I will try to go to cafes more often with my laptop, wearing green and my collar will be up just like Johnny Bravo.

Each one of us, girls before boys, loves something specific in the other gender's body. I am not saying face features, I am saying body wise. Some girls would look at the chest. Some would look at his back. Some would look at his overall body look or at his hips. When it come to guys, some would look at her boobs. Some would look at her belly. Some would look at legs. Some would would look at her toes. And so on. My friends call me crazy, they say my taste is weird in women. I dont really care what people think about a certain girl. I could look at someone and find her pretty for a reason I cannot explain. But apart from saying someone is pretty or not, what if you ask me now, what is it you Zeek like more than anything else? What is it you Zeek like more than anything else but you also really dont care if you end up with someone who doesnt have it?

Zeek stands just like Hitler used to do full of himself and says: THE ASS.

It all started when I was 9 years old and watched this music video by Sir Mix-a-Lot called 'Baby Got Back'! DAAAAAAAAMN!!! Imagine a poor kid like me watching this video. I so loved it. I kept watching it again and again for the next 2 hours. I thought to myself...If Sir Mix-a-Lot likes the ass then so should you little boy!

I declare:

1. Do I love the ass more than any other body feature in the girl? Hell yeah.
2. Would I date or even like a girl just for her beautiful ass? Hell no.
3. Do I even think about the ass whenever I decide if I like someone or no? Hell no.
4. So the ass is purely something I just love more than anything else in girl's body but I care less if she doesnt even have an ass? Hell yeah.
5. Am I proud of picking the ass out of all the body features to love? Hell yeah. Some people prefer to look at toes and shoulders. What do you call such insane men who look at toes?!!

This post was written yesterday and I couldnt post it because I had lots of stuff at work. Voila. Btw, I have 2 cups of tea in front of me right now. One Earl Grey and the other is tea with mint.


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