Monday, October 16, 2006

Everyone wants a Cyrus

Last Thursday the 12th of October was one day that will live in the memory of the blog world.

I went to see Sukie and her boyfriend at his place. Another friend of ours came along with his icebox full of nice drinks (Root Beer and Rani orange juice) :D He also got some Doritos and Lays but ended up eating all of them. We sat in the garden, each with his own shisha. They were smoking lemon/mint flavour. I was smoking my usual and traditional apple flavour. We talked about many things. Politics and football, work and school, relationships and deaths, comas and mafia, etc...

Sukie's boyfriend has a huge female rottweiler dog, Cyrus. She is 6 years old. She protects the house. My problem is that I dont get along well with dogs. But if you come to think of the situation; having a huge dog beside you is cool. Sukie's boyfriend had Cyrus since forever, since her size was like the palm of his hand. He tutored the dog to be what she is now. Cyrus loves him. I wonder if it is possible to find a dog with that age and size who would be brainwashed with the fact that Zeek is his owner. To find a dog who would have in mind that I am his mentor, his tutor, his mother and father. That would be amazing. IT WILL BE THE BOMB. People work hard to get an end-product. I want the end-product without working hard. Is that possible? :)

Why do people keep looking around them in the mosque after they finish a prayer. Whenever a guy finishes a prayer. He keeps looking to his right and to his left and turn around to watch the people. Why do they do that? The funny thing is that they dont do it in the mosque only, but in the cinema too. I have some friends who are professionals when it comes to the cinema. As soon as the lights are on and there is a break, you will find them moving their body a step towards the front spreading their arms in order to fool the people by indirectly telling them 'we are just stretching' and then suddenly you find their heads turning backwards just like a cobra with their eyes wide open, rotating and zooming; covering every inch in the place. Give them 10 seconds and they will give you a full review. They will tell you if they know anyone out of the hunderds attending the movie. They will tell you if the girl you like is present. The babe back from highschool with her guy who is full of muscles are present. If there is a bunch of cute girls sitting with a loser and how on earth are they sitting with him while we are just a bunch of single men. They will tell you anything you are not expecting. They will tell you how were those young girls allowed to enter the movie. Or how cool is that shirt the guy sitting over there is wearing.

Ok I changed the font of the bar on top of my page to black. And I also introduced a visit counter at the bottom of my page. Of course I didnt do that by myself. These things are complicated and it would take me 100 years to figure them out. Thank you Sukie. You are a witch. You know everything. You know how to fix a problem when you face one. You are the queen. Did you guys ever wonder why does Sukie have the power?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Yes. She's a lovely dog. She loves me and shows her love by running after me to lick my feet and hands which at first used t disgust me but now I find it quite charming if I'm in a good mood. Lol. I'm in a strange mood today. And the taste of garlic from last night's fitar still won't go away although I've brushed my teeth five times.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 2:42:00 PM  

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