Thursday, November 16, 2006

Diamonds Are Forever

First of all I would like to thank a special dude who acts like the 'spell check' on Microsoft Word. Sometimes I blog and due to my tight schedule, I just get off in a glimpse. This dude reads my blog and points out the catastrophic spelling mistakes of mine :) You rock 'K', I dont know where would I be now if you werent in my life.

I forgot my mobile last Tuesday at home. This was the first time since 96/97 that I spend 10 hours without a mobile. It felt so good and so real. I believe the mobile is the devil. I go back and compare my first ever mobile the Ericsson 388 which had a screen made of a thin straight line and now all the mobiles have screens as large as tv's with ring tones, videos, pictures, WAP, GPRS, etc.. it is really evil! Now you could be sitting drinking from a coconut under a palm tree in Qatar and sending live pics of yourself to someone in an Aerosmith gig at Vancouver. When we were young, we used to plan like Hitler used to plan before war in order to talk to our girlfriends. We used to have plan A, B and C. And sometimes they all fail. What if one of her parents answered? What time are we supposed to call? What if her dad ask me about my name? Thank God the caller id's hit the country when we were older or else we would have never managed to talk to girls back then. Nowadays kids are walking with mobiles all the time. So a 10 year old kid can now call the girls, send them his pics while taking a shower and minute-by-minute updates on his life. Now you believe me that the mobile is the devil?

The past 3 days have been hectic yet enjoyable. A Greek Football agent was here to watch some players in the Olympic National Team (U-21) and he was basically with me 15 hours every day. We went to the stadium twice to watch Egypt agaisnt Kuwait and Algeria respectively. We really sucked. Some players stand out but we really did suck in both matches. Best thing about all this is that I was seated in the VIP Box at the stadium. I am someone who loves the supporters in the Third Class Stand as they represent the real followers of any team. The first time I ever sit in the Second Class tier was last January in the African Cup of Nations. I've been going to the stadium for the past 13 years and I never witnessed going to the First Class stand let alone the VIP Box. I felt like both a king and a queen. I felt like the president. I felt sorry for myself and all the Egyptians as we severly suffer when we go to the stadium and are harshly treated all the time. At the Vip Box, they keep offering you Arabian Tea, Mineral Water and the Team sheet with all the names of the players and staff. In the first match, I suddenly discovered that I am going to sit beside Louis Van Gaal; one of the few coaches who won it all. I couldnt believe myself, I was dreaming and to add to that, my boss and I took him afterwards to dinner along with the Technical Director of AZ Alkmaar and the Greek Agent at Le Steak, a fine French restaurant on the nile at Le Pacha. I was semi-formal and all dressed up, something I really dont like but it was worth it. I took the Greek Agent the day after to Sequoia or whatever you spell it to have dinner and the guy loved the place and the atmosphere to an extent that he insisted on going there again last night which was practically his last 5 hours in Cairo. We ate a lot and had enough shisha to bomb Florida. George is a cool dude and I am glad I met him. He is one of the best agents in the business and I learnt from him a lot.

I would like to point out something and clarify it because some people get things in a different way. I believe that each one of us has an audience just like any influential person in the world. Actors, Painters, Presidents, Singers, etc... all have their audeince and people who look up to them. My friends are my audeince and I am part of the audience to each one of them. My friends like me and I like them too. But I am to my friends different than the president to his people. Hosni Mubarak for example cannot come out now with an afro and say I love the hips. But I can and so can you. If Mubarak comes out and say he likes to watch movies of gay sex, then it will be his last statement as a president. If Britney Spears comes out now and say she hates Arabs, then her audience will decline. And the examples go on and on. The reason I am saying all this, is because some people get offended at times from what I say. I believe they are my friends. They shouldnt be, because they should take me and accept me as I am. They should love me like I love them no matter what I write in my blog. I am not a celebrity to lose my audience or hurt their feelings. And the annoying thing is that I dont come out with weird comments or stuff that could hurt someone's feelings. In my last post I said I like the ass. If people think that from the moment I wake up till the moment I sleep I keep looking and zooming on asses then they should really get a life. This is stupid and anyone who think that doesnt actually know me. Plus, everyone I know and everyone I dont know likes something specific in one's body. Just for them to stay silent about it shouldnt make me evil for saying it. It is again the same sequence like any other thing people are ashamed to say they do like farting and burping and eating with their hands and screaming in the shower and and and. I rest my case with you people.

Verification Codes! This is something annoying me more than the smell of dirty pigs that you can experience when you are beside the ring road going to 6th of October City. Life was beautiful before such codes. Now everytime you update something in your email, you have to enter that code. The 5 looks like an S. The 9 looks like a small G (g). It is very stupid and irritating.

My friend Kane was having a conversation with this girl. It was the first time they meet. She was impressed with him and wanted to tell him 'Kane you are hot', but she didnt know how. So she asked him to say Coffee and Shot. So he was like: 'Co'ff'eeee' and 'Sho'tttt'. She was like 'OOOOH you have this New Yorker accent that I really like.'

Now this is stupid. I mean this is one of the most lame things I ever heard. The girl liked my friend. She could either tell him in the eye or if she want to point it out then she could have done it in any other way, but this is not even funny. LOL

Now I am eating Croissant and Pate 'Al Faysal' along with Vinegar Chipsy.


Anonymous Amr Fahmy said...

i am glad ya Zeek that u r over Ahly's triumph in tunisia

i heard they change midan ramsis to midan abu treika is that true

oooooo i have to tell you that sitting in the stadium in tunisia singing our lovely songs about zamalek was the sweetest moment of my life, i am sure u agree with me ;-)

Friday, November 17, 2006 7:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Just another Ahlawy - Bianconeri in ur life said...

The Zeek we Love.
Aywa keda Ya zeek, u're 2 last blogs got ur reign back.
This is the 'Zeek we know', the 'Zeek we want to know', and the 'Zeek we are happy to know'.

Saturday, November 18, 2006 5:37:00 PM  
Blogger Osiris Kane said...

whats with the rubber duckie, and a black one too? sweet!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 5:09:00 PM  
Blogger Zeek said...

I dont really care much about your triumph in Tunisia. I didnt watch the match in the first place. I saw a goal disallowed and whatever both of us say, nothing will change. You won and you are going to Japan to get beaten. No one will change that. Mabrouk, been a happy 2 years for you red club. We had our time, now you are having yours.

Thanks Bianconeri, I am happy to read those words :) I want you to be a Nerazurri though!

Kane; this duckie is not for you to have :P

Sunday, November 26, 2006 2:06:00 PM  

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