Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Treat Me No Differently Than You Would The King - Volume II.

It all started with Saigon
First dinner out, cozy candlelight
A duck on her plate and cashew nuts on mine
Magical evening, lots of laughs...one felt like a knight

Lilies and cupcakes
Two months old
A tuk-tuk rapper
Her heart is made out of gold

Delicious seafood, followed by amazing cookies
She loves the number three
At the same spot where we first met
We sent those balloons over clouds and sea

Hot summer accompanied by holy fasting
Cooked liver and vegetables...juice rounds in the car
A Batman Box with four drawings
Unlimited supply of sauces wrapped under a big bright star

August breeze with no trace of my LaQuisha
Kobe’s girl was all I wanted to see
The colour yellow and all it’s glory
Celebrating five at Dandy

From BootCamp to Train for Aim
Losing you in September
Nothing will stop us now
I am sorry…I will always remember

New black leather pants and red lipstick
Half a year passed...wow, it's already six
Being reborn in her large hazel eyes
A pink Polar, in time to break those sad bricks

At first it was Sherif
Later on it was Butts...the name
Seven months of warmth
Now I am the Bat-Shenf... hanged in a frame

Changing jobs, gaining weight
Or did we lose?
Changing houses, happy tears
You made me love Muse

Ugly ties and memorable curfews
Green Crocs on Friday afternoons
Feeding little Gizmo, tapping the big alien
When it comes to dessert, we eat like goons

Snoopy time, happy time
I miss you already, I know...it’s crazy
From 372 to 49
I love you more than Beyonce loves Jay-Z

Pancakes in the morning, Timbits before the plane
The sun rises in Dubai, sets in Abu Dhabi
From Gravity Zone to rollercoasters
Sleeping in cabs was our new hobby

Kids at the water park, grownups at the mall
Alex Ferguson...simply, the one and only Sir
It’s more than a memory...sadsies
Dropping you off at Bonaire

She is my monster with a klukluklixklu
She is my angel...intiiiii feeeeein?
She is my hero, ripped in muscles
She is my Poochie and she keeps me sane

I am broke without you
I am rich with you
I am broke for you
I am rich because of you

Sometimes my mind tells me to stop
Then it hits me when you cutely say, ‘but why?’
And so, I decide to go on
Because, baby, it’s all about you and I

Can I make you fat, please?
Can you keep wearing Tease?
Ok, how about a little cat...this big?
In your dreams, I'd rather go to a Drake gig

Dinner is served
Lasgana for me
Best day of my life
Best night in history

Let’s not wait
Let’s find out our fate
Let’s eat now and later lose the weight
I love you, and all I wanted to say is...Happy Eight


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