Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hearts and Farts.

Ok, I am in love with my girlfriend. I can't get enough of saying that. I feel that I am reborn every day. I feel on top of the world with her. I love how mushy and soft I've become, if anything, it makes me more of a man. I am going to list 100 reasons why I love her. I know that this post could strike bitterness from people; random people who are alive just to envy others. Nevertheless, I believe in the power of love, the strongest power out there. I may not possess valuable stuff or a fortune, but I have her...and that's enough. Not even all the money and treasures in the world can come close.

In no specific order:

1. I love the blue eyeliner you put
2. I love your curly hair
3. I love your huge forehead
4. I love how you always look good in anything
5. I love your smile
6. I love how ticklish you are
7. I love the way you look at me
8. I love your smell
9. I love it when you dance
10. I love how you call me 'Poochie'
11. I love how you always use the <3 emoticon
12. I love how you love the colour pink
13. I love how you wear your bags, crossover
14. I love your man hands
15. I love your perfect nose
16. I love your feet and toes
17. I love how silly you are
18. I love how I still love you even after every time you make me mad
19. I love your signature and how huge the letter 'A' is
20. I love how amazing your burps sound
21. I love your muscles (I know you think I don't, but I do)
22. I love that you don't smoke
23. I love your determination
24. I love your time management
25. I love your impeccable English
26. I love your voice
27. I love how you sound when you say 'Aywa'
28. I love how you love your nephews
29. I love that you love Napoleon Dynamite and Love & Basketball
30. I love that orange hairband of yours I am wearing on my left arm
31. I love how you LOVE food
32. I love your tummy
33. I love the friendship bracelet you are wearing on your right arm
34. I love that you are the only one who adds an 'H' to the word 'Keda'
35. I love how you say 'Oh man'
36. I love how honest you are
37. I love your happy tears
38. I love how you cook for me
39. I love how I start missing you right after leaving you
40. I love how caring you are
41. I love seeing you coach in BootCamp (*fact*)
42. I love your family
43. I love your stories
44. I love how you wear long tops
45. I love your foodsies, sadsies, bromises and hugsies
46. I love how your students love you
47. I love how fit you are
48. I love the way you spell your name
49. I love your basketball knowledge
50. I love how you always get what you want
51. I love your backpack
52. I love how you keep your credit card receipts in one place
53. I love how slow you eat
54. I love how you love ice tea
55. I love how you roll your eyes
56. I love that you don't care much about how others perceive you
57. I love when you tell me about your childhood
58. I love how you made me fall in love with Snow Patrol
59. I love how you call Billy Corgan 'the scary man'
60. I love how good you look in both sunglasses and eyeglasses
61. I love how clean and organised you are
62. I love that you drink everything with honey
63. I love how you are the only one to write 'fa3lan' instead of 'fe3lan'
64. I love how you always make sure to write the first alphabet in caps when you mention a name, product or brand
65. I love how you look with your hair tied up
66. I love that you drink lots of water
67. I love it when you call me 'Boo'
68. I love how you always carry a pen with you
69. I love how you save money
70. I love how you're never afraid to speak your mind
71. I love how you text me saying to call you when I'm free; I automatically know by then that something I won't like has happened
72. I love how you walk towards my car seat when I drop you home to tell me something or draw on the window
73. I love how you don't focus
74. I love how fat you were
75. I love how you wake up before the entire world
76. I love when you grab my hand when we walk
77. I love that you are into video games
78. I love your earrings, all of them
79. I love the length of your nails
80. I love how you understand me
81. I love how modest you are
82. I love how you can't make up your mind on where to go when I pick you up
83. I love your optimism
84. I love how you refuse to read anything on this blog pre March 2013
85. I love it when you randomly sing in the car while using your hand as a mic and shutting your eyes
86. I love all colours of your nail polish
87. I love how hot you look after working out
88. I love your simplicity
89. I love how you always give your all to make me happy
90. I love that you don't drink
91. I love how you dropped out of the corporate world to do something you want
92. I love how strong you are, mentally and physically
93. I love how you are easily amused
94. I love your obsession with Drake
95. I love the golden medal you made me
96. I love your nose pierce
97. I love your skin colour
98. I love your perfect eyebrows
99. I love how you care about everyone around you
100. I love that you love me

I love you, Angie Kafafi. :) <3


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Sunday, August 25, 2013 1:52:00 PM  
Blogger Zeek said...

Hey anonymous 1

Yeah :)

Friday, September 06, 2013 1:37:00 AM  
Blogger Zeek said...

Sorry 'anonymous number 2' but I am deleting your comment.

Friday, September 06, 2013 1:37:00 AM  

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