Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Sounds Like Bubblegum.

Seven years passed since I created my blog. Feels like it was only yesterday when I sat down in my old office to write that first post. I didn't know where I was heading. I remember when people discovered I have a blog, two months after. Good old funny days. On my 2nd anniversary I posted this and on my 3rd anniversary I posted this. Don't know why I stopped this 'ritual'. I decided to write a list of 100 things today; 50 of which I love, and the other 50 of things I miss. The things I will post are not the obvious stuff everybody knows I love. Things vary from people, places, ideas, etc. The things I miss do not include people I know who passed away, because those are missed day and night.

In no specific order:

1. I love how music sounds better when I am alone
2. I love leaving the house to find no one in my street
3. I love helping people
4. I love praying
5. I love matching my socks with my underwear
6. I love going to the movies
7. I love daydreaming of myself playing some guitar solos
8. I love the smell of fresh laundry
9. I love when my feet touches soft wet grass and hot tender sand
10. I love writing, whenever, wherever and whatever
11. I love watching old people
12. I love gazing into a baby’s eyes
13. I love washing my car
14. I love pepper, especially on eggs
15. I love opening conversations with barbers and taxi drivers
16. I love the sun
17. I love fresh smelling perfumes
18. I love hugging my nieces
19. I love how a fresh bar of soap smells
20. I love naps during weekends
21. I love handwritten letters
22. I love people who wear glasses (eye glasses that is)
23. I love black and white photography
24. I love drinking hot chocolate
25. I love cemeteries
26. I love watching random acts of kindness
27. I love cartoons
28. I love when things magically fall into place
29. I love photo albums and scrapbooks
30. I love making silly faces, silly voices and silly sounds
31. I love BootCamp
32. I love getting pedicures
33. I love fresh baked bread
34. I love trains
35. I love numbers
36. I love framed pictures
37. I love massages
38. I love cold showers right after hot ones
39. I love my neighbours, who no longer live with me
40. I love sneakers
41. I love reading the papers
42. I love hotel beds 
43. I love facial scrubs
44. I love tissues
45. I love theme parks
46. I love toothbrushes 
47. I love horror movies
48. I love silver
49. I love water
50. I love Angie Kafafi
51. I miss Dr Martens shoes
52. I miss MTV Europe's Top Twenty
53. I miss Arby's Blaze Burgers
54. I miss Abdou Saleh El Wahsh, the best football analyst ever
55. I miss my neighbours, the Shorafas; especially Mohamed, Fahd, Sarah and Maha
56. I miss Mohamed Abou Shady  
57. I miss Khaled Moussa  
58. I miss Mr. Richard Woffenden
59. I miss Ayman Sadek
60. I miss Tante Nadoush; her son Sherif and her daughter Kandy, Tante Nahed; her son Mohamed, her daughter Nevine, and their cousin Perry Samir
61. I miss Karim Hassan  
62. I miss Sherif Boghdady
63. I miss Slush Puppie
64. I miss my cousins; Peki, Seif and Dina. The rest, I haven't really known to miss
65. I miss my brother living with us
66. I miss the random talks in school with Dorotea Youssef
67. I miss Mai Kotb
68. I miss Hatem Saleh and Sherif Ramzy 
69. I miss Omar Bary
70. I miss football debates with Amr Fahmy 
71. I miss Omar Akl, 8 years now :(
72. I miss Ahmed El Bishri 
73. I miss Youssef Fakhry   
74. I miss reviewing the Smashing Pumpkins music with Rana Fahmy
75. I miss Jaillan Ahmed aka Julie Bibo
76. I miss playing 5-aside football 
77. I miss Mohamed Hedayet, Omar Bakir, Ihab Abd El Moneim and Hassan Ghorab  
78. I miss Rhodes   
79. I miss the American dude Yehia who was with me in university who called himself Adam
80. I miss video games 
81. I miss Maxiems sandwiches
82. I miss Maamoura, Montazah, El Nasr Cabins and Kouta Park
83. I miss Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Oasis and Blur
84. I miss my leg pre the operation 
85. I miss Yasmin Barakat, Dina Dali and Salma El Shorafa 
86. I miss singing the Egyptian national anthem 
87. I miss buying music CD's  
88. I miss sleepovers with my guys
89. I miss the old man who used to sit at the ahwa and talk about football. We called him 'El Gohary' 
90. I miss A&W burgers and root beer    
91. I miss Weber Shandwick
92. I miss how cheap life was
93. I miss Oman 
94. I miss my football mentor, Captain Amr Atata
95. I miss Ramadan in February   
96. I miss VH1's Weekend music
97. I miss bowling
98. I miss dog tags 
99. I miss Annalisa T. Supetran
100. I miss Angie Kafafi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wht about me?

Sunday, August 25, 2013 1:50:00 PM  
Blogger Zeek said...

Who are you?

Friday, September 06, 2013 10:29:00 AM  

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