Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tomorrow marks 2 years for elzeek.blogspot existence.

Do I feel special? Of course I do!

I still remember that day when I decided to form this blog and signed up. It was nice but a bit weird though. I never actually had thought I would be forming a blog, let alone keep it up for 730 days, and still running. A personal disappointment though; I didn’t write as much as I wanted to, for several reasons, mostly out of my hands. Call me arrogant but I am a busy man. I will say it again to make sure I clearly said it: I am a busy man. As time passes you get less moments to do things. I strongly believe in that.

As we are celebrating this wonderful 2nd anniversary, here is a special post. I think I need to give something back to the people.

Here is a list of 100 things you probably didn’t know, about me.

  1. 1) I gained 25 kilos in 5 months back in 2004
  2. 2) I put ketchup on all kinds of food, yet I love fries more with mayonnaise & mustard
  3. 3) I could listen to Mayonaise by The Smashing Pumpkins 10 times in a row with the same excitement
  4. 4) I attended a concert for The Smashing Pumpkins last August and was inches away from Billy Corgan
  5. 5) My mom's birthday is on August 14th
  6. 6) I did my first and only bungee jump on August 14th, 7 years ago in 2001
  7. 7) I had an afro back then
  8. 8) My ex girl at the time traveled to Japan in July
  9. 9) My recent ex traveled to Japan this year in July
  10. 10) Most of my relationships either start or end in July
  11. 11) I can make a relationship work if I want to
  12. 12) Just like Al Bundy in Married With Children, I am the man in the relationship
  13. 13) I could watch Seinfeld and Married with Children episodes repetitively for the rest of my life
  14. 14)I don’t download their episodes off the internet though
  15. 15) It is not easy to find internet in Dubai
  16. 16) I bumped into Karl Wolf in a restaurant there in the early days of 2007
  17. 17) I was wearing my Manchester United jacket
  18. 18) Manchester United is my inspiration
  19. 19) Girls should be more into football
  20. 20) 8 girls wanted to go out with me at a certain point in my life
  21. 21) 2 of them were best friends
  22. 22) 2 of the girls I dated used to bruise themselves when they got angry
  23. 23) I saw 2 guys making out together before, and 2 girls too
  24. 24) I was asked by an anonymous Norwegian girl to sleep with her, and the same question was asked by an anonymous Korean man
  25. 25) I caught a guy friend of mine having sex before
  26. 26) I was sexually harassed by a taxi driver when I was 9 years old on the way to my football training
  27. 27) I also caught a girl friend of mine having sex before
  28. 28) I was dating her friend at the time
  29. 29) My exes combine 10 nationalities between them
  30. 30) I used to watch Basic Instinct nonstop when I was 10
  31. 31) I had a red Batman bag at the time
  32. 32) Batman Returns is one of my favourite movies in the Batman series
  33. 33) Michael Keaton is the best Batman
  34. 34) Beetle Juice, The Paper, Pacific Heights & Multiplicity are 4 of my favourite movies
  35. 35) I have a different taste in movies than most of you people
  36. 36) My taste in perfumes is very unique
  37. 37) My current favourites are Polo Black and Prada Amber
  38. 38) They freshen me up big time
  39. 39) The swimming pool freshens me up too
  40. 40) And so does the sea
  41. 41) I went skinny dipping before
  42. 42) The first time I ever see a porn movie was in the Netherlands back in 1991
  43. 43) I was really extremely astonished by those naked girls on TV
  44. 44) I cannot accept girls with underarm hair
  45. 45) I dislike very much the image of a girl who is wearing a yellow/green shirt and raises her arm revealing a circular sweat stain in her armpits
  46. 46) I like it when girls burp
  47. 47) I find it cute when they fart
  48. 48) The hottest girl in our school farted while sitting beside me in Geography class
  49. 49) Mr. Mark the Geography teacher used to curse a lot
  50. 50)He was flirting with another teacher who was friends with another teacher whom I had a crush on
  51. 51) I also had a crush on my friend's maid before
  52. 52) She was 6 years older than me
  53. 53) I dated someone 6 years older than me before
  54. 54) I kept eating Pizza Hut for 6 consecutive hours back in 1994
  55. 55) I was hit by a Range Rover at the age of 7
  56. 56) I had my first kiss before that accident
  57. 57) We broke up the following year, when I was 8
  58. 58) I was struck by Scarlet Fever early that year
  59. 59) Fever Pitch is one of the greatest books I ever read
  60. 60) As the years go by, I like literature more
  61. 61) The older I get the funnier my jokes become
  62. 62) I was always the class clown
  63. 63) I was coulrophobic as a kid after watching the movie 'IT'
  64. 64)Stephen King tops my list
  65. 65) I have very special lists for everything and everyone
  66. 66) I am special, and I believe each one of you is special
  67. 67) A lot of you envy me
  68. 68) Most of you are very nice though
  69. 69)Some of you are even my friends
  70. 70) 4 of my friends need extra pampering
  71. 71) I can't wait to pamper my own babies
  72. 72) I can't wait to take my son to the barber to have a new haircut
  73. 73) I shave my pubic hair
  74. 74) I do not use Gillette razors
  75. 75) I daydream while I am shaving or running
  76. 76) I daydream more than I dream
  77. 77) I have wet dreams
  78. 78) I do not masturbate
  79. 79) I do not eat broccoli
  80. 80) I like it fried though
  81. 81) I rarely eat mangoes
  82. 82) I enjoy drinking it more
  83. 83) My favourite juice is Guava
  84. 84) My least favourite is apple
  85. 85) I know a girl who used to eat red apples to have red cheeks
  86. 86) I am every girl's dream
  87. 87) I was playing 'spin the bottle' 14 years ago and a girl was asked to tell the colour of her underwear. I so wanted to go with her to the bathroom as she went in to check it, and the moment she came out and said 'BLUE' left me melting with excitement
  88. 88) Girls drive better than me
  89. 89) They turn me off when they smoke
  90. 90) They turn me off more when they drink and pass out
  91. 91) They turn me off more and more when they talk about politics
  92. 92) I was very interested in politics, until the day I graduated
  93. 93) I graduated from school 10 years ago
  94. 94) I peed from the balcony onto the street in my final school week
  95. 95) I take pleasure in peeing in the sea
  96. 96) I don’t read by the sea, it is very distracting
  97. 97) I am a very fast swimmer
  98. 98) I am an open book
  99. 99) I am a closed one too
  100. 100) But I just showered you with 100 raindrops


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