Monday, May 28, 2007

SOS --> Save Our Souls

A girl I know just gave birth to a sweet little baby. This girl was dating a friend of mine for almost 5 years in a row. Why did they break up? Why do you break up a long lasting relationship? Why does anyone who spends a lot of time with someone decides to seek a new adventure?

It takes two to tango, and for a couple to spend more than 3 years together, then for sure they tangoed, and even mangoed (I tried to make it rhyme, did it work?). Why did it have to end then? I am not questioning fate, but I am questioning these two.

I am sure this girl who just gave birth is happy with her husband. I am sure he treats her just like the Duke treated Cinderella. But, I am also sure and positive that the excitement level will never be the same like it used to be with that friend of mine. I am sure she will never feel what Cinderella felt for that Duke.

The funny thing is that if you go up to any one of them, or to any couple who broke up after so long and ask them why did you guys call it off, they wont have a valid reason or excuse. They will stutter, go in circles and tell you: just dont get wasnt working...we kept fighting near the end about stupid stuff....


Thats it?

The couple: is a mixture of everything...ummm, apart from the fights, each one of us had problems with work and was odd.


But again that doesnt mean you guys should break up. Maybe you should have solved things and talked it over in a mature way.

The couple:

Well....see, you dont know everything...we actually did try all that, we tried everything...the only logical reason at the end was to break up..

Thank you very much, what a repetitive scenario that is commonly used. People always do that when they have nothing to say.

But why do you people break up? Why do you have to go marry someone else? Why does she has to go meet this new guy? Why do people tend to start a new life while their old one is not yet dead? Why do you have to kill something present and burry it instead of reviving it?

Why cant things just stay the way they are?

Why do you suddenly get bored from someone so close to you, but at the same time remain friends and tight and never ever get bored with your other buddies that you see every day and night, the so called 'gang'. On the contrary, every day you guys will get closer and you will love their presence in your life more.

Why do you feel turned off from your partner after years of committment? Shouldnt you be in love? Shouldnt you be more attached?

Each and every one of us could get into relationships, potential relationships, open relationships, serious relationships, meaningless relationships, flings, one night stands, etc... It is normal to date someone for a week or two then dump the person and go on with your life. It is normal for people to cheat on their long lasting partners during a trip far away during the summer or maybe flirt a bit with a co-worker or an online mistress. It is not right, but it happens. But what I dont get is why would someone spend years and years with another to finally make things impossible for both and they decide to break up. Why?

Why cant your first be your last? Why do you have to spend 5 years with someone; and then go spend another 5 with someone else? Yes you can spend a month with this, maybe 2 months with that, and another year with a new face BUT why spend 5 years with someone if you are going to spend another 5 with a stranger?


I cant even answer that question myself. I am one of those people who replied in the same style just like the couple above.

If you are reading this and you are young in your teens and dating someone precious to you, then dont follow in the footsteps that many including me rushed into. Even if you are reading this and you are old in your sixties and married to someone for so long, dont ever follow in our footsteps. Get up now, leave the PC and go get her flowers. Treat her like a queen. If she cant walk then carry her. Feed her. Make love to her and make her smile like there is no tomorrow.

Dont let that day come when you sit back and say:

"Just the touch of her hand in mine, just the touch. Oh God what have I done."


Anonymous omar said...

"make love to her and make her smile like there is no tomorrow"

why would someone smile if there was no tomorrow?

Sunday, June 03, 2007 5:06:00 PM  
Blogger Zeek said...

'Like there is no tomorrow' is an idiom that we humans normally use as metaphors. And in this case I mean that you should make your partner smile as if 'tomorrow will never come', make her live the moment; exploit everything since this is it, and this 'it' will be stretched to an extent that there will be no other 'it'. Read the following (last) sentence under the picture and you will see that I explained the consequences of not living that stretched moment. Finally, why do you spend all your money in your last day of vacation?

Because you are coming back home tomorrow.

Sunday, June 03, 2007 7:00:00 PM  

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