Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The legend Lives

Hello World!

Almost one month now since I last posted. Actually I was very busy till the 15th of December and I thought that when I am done and free, I will come here and blog like a thirsty turtle in Kuwait. BUT....That did not happen :(

I blame this stupid Facebook. It is a time killer. It is not addictive, it is ADDICTION ITSELF. Now whenever I am free, I just get on Facebook and then suddenly out of nowhere; I discover that 2 hours passed and if you had asked me how long have you been on that killer, I'd say about ten minutes only.

I need to apologise for my blog. I used to treat my blog with utmost respect. The feeling I had while posting in the previous posts, was just something that cannot be explained. I used to enjoy the fact that I got some free time so I can blog. I used to blog while dancing and smiling. Blogging to me was like football to Maradona. It was like basketball to Jordan. It was like masturbation to a 13 year old kid in Saudi Arabia.

And I have to admit that I had that spark till the 10th of December. And for the past 10 days, I didnt feel any bit of it. I didnt even check if someone commented on a post I had wrote. I didnt even log to read any other blogs. I didnt do anything. Whenever I was free. Even if it was only for 20 seconds, then I would automatically log on my Facebook. I was like Tom when he is furious to find Jerry. I was like the addict Metallica talked about in 'Master of Puppets'. I was like the 13 year old Saudi kid who just cant control himself.

Anyway. I had to have a moment of silence. I needed a wakeup call. I realized that I had to get back to my senses.


I miss you 'Kites Fly High'. I am now hugging my blog. I am now dancing the funky chicken while spanking the air.

The Zeek is back in the house.

A lot of stuff happened during the past month. One major thing did occur, I will get to in a minute after mentioning 2 important things that happened:
I created an account on Myspace.
Ayman and Wael left to Dubai to enhance their careers. :(

I miss them.

Now to the major thing that happened in Zeek's life...We (The Guys) dont go anymore to the one and only 'Ya Hala' Cafe. The Cafe that united members from all over the globe. The cafe that witnessed the birth of generations. The cafe that witnessed my 'melting fart'. I will end this with a quote that is always present in GAY movies 'But life goes on'. LOL

The whole Ya Hala members bonded and moved to another ahwa, not far away, and not much different as the working staff were ex-Hala workers, so it is all good. The only bad thing about the new ahwa 'Al Forsan' aka 'Knights Cafe' is that no way you will find a place to park. And even if you park. Then no way you will be able to get your car out. It is more than crazy. Last week I parked there at 5 pm, and couldnt get my car out till it was 3:30 am. Stupid!

Anyway, I am watching The great Inter Milan right now against Lazio and Inter is winning 1-0 and only 45 minutes away from making it 10 straight wins in a row. BABBY! During the halftime, I will fill this survey that the one and only Sukie copied from someone called Carmen. She asked me to do it a month ago. What people need to know is that, I can be late; but I never forget. ;)

1. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Whom would you blow up?

Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal boss.

2. You can flip a switch that will wipe any band or musical artist out of existence. Which one will it be?

The Egyptian boy band; WAMA.

3. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?

This Joey who acted in Friends. YUCK!

4. What is your favorite cheese?

Cheddar and Parmesan. Oh Mammy!

5. You can only have one kind of sandwich. Every sandwich ingredient known to humankind is at your immediate disposal. What kind will you make?

Big King from the amazing Burger King. LOL I like how it rhymes.

6. You have the opportunity to sleep with the movie celebrity of your choice. We are talking no-strings-attached sex and it can only happen once. Who is the lucky celebrity of your choice?

Christina Ricci. Oh MAMMMY!

7. You have the opportunity to sleep with the music-celebrity of your choice. Who do you pick?


8. Now that you've slept with two different people in a row, you seem to be having an excellent day because you just came across a hundred-dollar bill on the sidewalk. Holy crap, a hundred bucks! How are you gonna spend it?

I will just add them to the money in my wallet.

9. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

Manchester, England.

10. Upon arrival to the aforementioned location, you get off the plane and discover another hundred-dollar bill. Now that you are in the new location, what are you gonna do?

I will now be able to attend 2 matches at Old Trafford. WOOOOHO!

11. You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place?

Zeek can date anyone he wants, anytime of the year. Haha. Well I guess I will torture the ladies if I did that, so my first rule would probably be....Hmmmm....I dont know. Maybe I will go with 'The more you fart, the more chicks and coconuts you get.' This will be for the men. The rule for women would be, 'If you fart less than 30 times a day then you will not get any coconuts or guys.'

12. You have been given the opportunity to create the half-hour TV show of your own design. What is it called and what's the premise?

I will have to agree with Sukie's concept. My blog is my own TV show. So it will be "Kites Fly High". It displays my life. And also the empty dreams of Egyptians.

13. What is your favorite curse word?

Shenf. Is that considered a curse?

14. One night you wake up because you heard a noise. You turn on the light to find that you are surrounded by MUMMIES. The mummies aren't really doing anything, they're just standing around your bed. What do you do?

I will scream what do you think I will do silly!

15. Your house is on fire! You have just enough time to run in there and grab ONE inanimate object. Don't worry, your loved ones and pets have already made it out safely. So what's the item?

I dont know. One item would never compensate. I would have them all or lose them all.

16. The Angel of Death has descended upon you. Fortunately, the Angel of Death is pretty cool and in a good mood, and it offers you a half-hour to do whatever you want before you bite it. Whatcha gonna do in that half-hour?

Pray and kiss my parents.

17. You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what's even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What's it gonna be?

Be invisible.

18. You can re-live any point of time in your life. The time-span can only be a half-hour, though. What half-hour of your past would you like to experience again?

31/12/1996. Taqui's birthday party which happened to be at his house.

19. You got kicked out of the country for being a time-traveling heathen who sleeps with celebrities and has super-powers. But check out this cool stuff... you can move to anywhere else in the world! Bitchin'! What country are you going to live in now?

England. Being close to Manchester. I could cum just thinking about that. LOL

20. Hopefully you didn't mention this in the super-powers question.... If you did, then we'll just expand on that. Suddenly, you have gained the ability to FLOAT!!! Whose house are you going to float to first, and be like "Dude, ... I can FLOAT!"?

Maha Azmy. Haha, how hotness is that Mojito?!

21. The constant absorption of magical moonbeams mixed with the radioactive vegetables you consumed earlier has given you the ability to resurrect the dead famous-person of your choice. So which celebrity will you bring back to life?

Biggy. :(

22. The Gates of Hell have opened, and Death appears. As it turns out, Death is actually a pretty cool entity, and happens to be in a fantastic mood. Death offers to return the friend/family-member/person, etc. of your choice to the living world. Who will you bring back?

Ramy Hodroj. May he R.I.P

23. What's your theme song?

The End Is The Beginning Is The end. By The Smashing Pumpkins from the movie Batman and Robin.

I am finally DONE! LOL. The match is over and Inter Milan won 2-0. What a great way to celebrate the comeback of Zeek's blog.

Finally, I would like to say Happy Birthday to both my 2 Khaled friends. Khaled Moussa and Khaled Fathi. They are both 25 now. Wow!

Oh I forgot to mention that the counter at the bottom of my page says that the number of hits on my blog is more than 1000.Yeey! I will go celebrate now; have my shisha and tea. Thanks everyone who visited my blog, even if you visited it once and didnt like it. Thanks for stopping by. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was an entertaining read. Thanks for remembering to fill that thing out!

Monday, December 25, 2006 4:42:00 PM  

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