Friday, February 01, 2013

Holding back the fool pretends.

My work asked for a recent passport photo 6*4. Given that my looks haven't changed one bit since forever, I got out of my files an old passport photo and went to Kodak so they can print me more replicas of it but with a white background, as the original pic had a black one. I don't get what difference would it make - who cares if it's white or black; certainly the world is becoming weirder by day.

While I was waiting for my copies, I checked the original's background, with no intentions, but merely wanting to see where did I have this photo taken; was it Photo House or was it Kodak. I wasn't given an answer, but I was, instead, handed a surprise. The picture had a date written on it. Nowadays new passport photos have the date digitally printed on the photo itself, but back in the day, dates were written manually with cheap blue ink.

January 26, 2003. I said wow, that's old.

But a few seconds later, I realised that at this very moment in Kodak, it was January 26, 2013.

I said WOW followed by a sigh.

Ten exact years separated the newly graduated full-of-life-guy smiling in the photo with the dead beat anxious ship-wrecked-guy standing holding the photo. Ten years of mess more than success. Ten years of fast pace more than space. Ten years bouncing on walls rather than breaking them.

Whoever knows me personally, or virtually, will definitely be aware that I'm my very own biggest critic, and yes, I might have achieved numerous things, but my pains personally and spiritually were gigantic.

Ten years from now, I will definitely look at that picture and smile and say out loud and proud, 'I did myself justice.'

I know I will do it...because I am free.


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