Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Devour in Self-love.

You need to spend some time alone, not every once in a while, not every now and then, no. You need to spend time alone every day. People make fun of me when I used to go down to the ahwa (cafe) all by myself or when I go to the movies all alone just like a little baby, or even when I travel alone. Last year, or actually almost two years ago, I survived a whole trip all alone. The last time I traveled anywhere alone was back in 1999 when I went to study abroad. Sometimes I traveled alone during the past seven years, but it was mainly on business trips. But this time, I traveled alone and I really had no clue if I will enjoy it much or not. I wasn't heading to nowhere, on the contrary, I had a perfect plan for the entire trip, and it was all about sticking to it.

This was probably the best trip in my entire life. I had more fun then all the trips I ever been to, combined. Literally the best. 

It wasn't a surprise to me that I am going to enjoy time alone, because for you who know me are well aware of the fact that I enjoy myself totally when I am alone, and I don't get neither bored nor irritated. Also for the people who don't know me and just follow me on Twitter or read my blog, I am sure you too are aware of that. The surprise was that I enjoyed my time more than anything and more than I have actually thought. The only drawback about the trip was Manchester United losing the final deservedly to Barcelona, but apart from that it was absolute MINT. Seriously, I had the time of my life.

Being alone makes you really understand yourself, examine your thoughts and go head to head with your inner self regardless good or evil. Some people say they go crazy alone and die out of boredom or negativity. But that's not true. They feel that because they use that state of being alone as a 'phase' or a 'transition step' towards something. For example, when you go to a bank to open an account and you see a queue that will at least keep you for thirty minutes before your turn is up; you will get all iffy and start complaining to your mind or to whoever you're calling, not to mention updating your BBM status with something like 'I hate banks' and going on Twitter and Facebook writing a whole paragraph on how the people stink in banks and the unfriendliness of the staff, and so on. 

What do you expect when you do all that? Of course approaching the situation with that negative mentality is equivalent to someone stabbing you slowly so you can suffer while dying. 

That's wrong and stupid. 

Why do you enjoy being in the shower 'all alone' and could even spend a whole hour inside? Why do you fill the bath tub when you go to an hotel (I do that) and get in for as long as the clock keeps ticking, especially those who have shower cabins at home instead of tubs like me. Why do you spend at least an hour before your bedtime forcing yourself not to sleep but instead thinking of what life has offered you so far and your dreams and goals, or looking at pictures on your mobile of lost souls and reciting prayers within? Why don't you get bored of all that?

People should enjoy and appreciate every moment they get alone. Try to take it easy, smile, focus on the now, live and love the moment. 

You need to find the time to be with yourself alone, to be still, even if you're taking a walk, be still. The world is too fast already. You wake up late, don't get time to shower and so you dress up and run to work. You arrive late, keep multitasking all day and suffering and staying after hours, run back home or to your friends in the traffic and and and. You lead a busy life and you're only killing yourself. Have some time for that person in you. No mobiles, no computers, nothing. Just live the moment, even if it will be on your favourite couch at home. 

Make it worthwhile. 


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