Sunday, January 13, 2013


This past week has been very refreshing to me and my thoughts. I am approaching a new perspective to life and I'm actually liking and enjoying it. 

At the beginning of this year I read an amazing book by Tim Ferris titled 'The Four Hour Work Week' which enabled me to set my priorities and focus on them, even if this was for a little while, but it still made me realise and see things differently. I disappeared off Twitter for almost two months, and yes life was perfect. I did miss some stuff, but the gains were much more. I downsized my BlackBerry Messenger usage and it was more perfect, but soon enough I was back to square one. 

2012 folded with so many bitter feelings to oneself. Another relationships that ended just like all the others, for its different reasons, but with the same fate. 

I believe you achieve your best in terms of creativity and flair when you reach sky high or when you hit rock bottom, and I don't think I have been disappointed with myself more than I did in the past twelve months. I regret every day in 2012, every single one. 

I will forget my past, not worry much about my future, and just focus on the present. 

I am starting to simplify my Internet or in other words technology usage just like I learned through Tim, which followed by the mind-changing Leo Babauta and his excellent blog that is transforming me every day now. Thank you, Omar Akl, for referring Leo to me. Forever grateful. 

I realised that I wasted so much. So much that I just wish I could back in time...but I can't. That's why I am starting now. 

I am out of the BlackBerry Messenger world and Whatsapp for good. I used to be the Twitter guru, who everyone looks for his tweets and wait for them. I actually sound pathetic, don't I?

Twitter and BBM and include all the Internet drama turned me to a captivated slave. I stopped talking with cab drivers, with barbers, friends, family, any outing, gathering I am in I am only looking at my phone. I stopped blogging. I stopped exercising much. I stopped reading to my capacity. I got overly agitated, anxious and drowned in seas of misfortune.

It's ok, I have been changing to find the real me for years. Some people may laugh about the changes I did or going through, but who cares, let them laugh. At least I am trying, figuring out what life means and beholds. Am I better than my own country? Of course not. Egypt has been in a state of revolution for two years now, and still can't find the road to recovery. It's been three years for me since I started changing, and I have been finding ways and struggling due to my old habits and routines and semi-charmed life. I am very grateful for those three years because I learned a hell of a fortune which I am sure will put me on the right track. 

So here I am, a brand new baby. 

I didn't know what to title this post. I will actually leave it untitled. I thought of naming it something like 'The New Me' or 'New Start' but it is not actually a new me or a new start, it is more of realization of reality. No title for this one, let it be blank and empty, just like the clouds above. 


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