Monday, September 04, 2006

Being me

A blog is basically an online diary. People use this feature for different reasons. I have been blogging for more than a month now and I am enjoying every bit of it. A friend of mine thought I am an idiot for not sharing my blog with people and not telling them about my link to check it out. People do not get me, I am not someone who wanders about any thing I do or perform. Similar to work; if I do a good job, I remain quiet. I do not pop up to people with the magazines I contribute in and ask them to read and tell me their opinion, I dont like that. I am not saying that causing awareness and pointing to yourself as a hero is bad, no no. It is just not the way I operate.

Some people text their whole phone book telling them they will be either on TV or they have a new article out. Maybe they are doing the normal thing and it is me who is being very conservative and needs to refresh my thinking...


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