Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It is not easy to accept that you will one day die. It is not easy to accept that one day something will strike you and you will be out of this world for good. The laughs, the tears, the jokes, the games, etc.. all will disappear from your life; your soul will be up there and your body will be down there, can you imagine all this? People find it hard to submit to God. They find it hard to love Him. To pray for Him. To ask Him for mercy. We are all sinners yet many of us find it hard to ask Allah, Almighty, the Creator and the Ruler, for forgiveness... Many of us find it hard to kneel down like slaves and ask Him for guidance.

One should always look to the people in Somalia and Ethipioa, to the uneducated, and to all the poverty in the world and thank God for everything He Granted us with. This life is not eternal; we will all die. I believe in the other world. I believe in Heaven and Hell. What is happening today in the Arab world (Lebanon in particular) and the joint evil powers (USA and Israel) are just minor problems but it is sad they only make the headlines. There are many major problems happening in the world and unlike war, they are unstoppable and uncurable. Many issues cannot be decided or solved by a cease-fire, a veto or a UN intervention. People are stealing and killing for fun. Some get tuned to music channels (where women discovered that stripping is a good source for money) watching them singing barely naked while eating a Big Mac and singing along with them. Some people are proud being gays, claiming that they they were born like this and the world is getting closed minded to oppose them. Yeah right!

There is 'no one' who will be able to change the world. Try to change yourself. Try to be a better person. Submit yourself to Allah. Follow your religion. Become a good person, and everything will be better afterwards.

We talk about Lebanon and Palestine. But how will we be able to help a 'whole' country, while some of us are proud being gays. Some of us have piercings all over their bodies. Some of us believe that religion is such 'old-fashioned' and come on we are the generation of the 21st century, so it is not cool to pray, it is not cool to fast and it is not cool for a girl to cover herself and wear a veil.

Please God, Grant us with Your Mercy.

P.S. Some people might find me a hypocrat, because I dont march in the protests, neither did I volunteer to go to the war, nor am I a Sheikh living in a mosque. I admit; I am a normal guy who still continues to eat the Big Mac after watching the bloodshed in Lebanon. I am not happy about myself though. I know my limits. I believe in Allah and I love Him and I was never afraid to submit myself and believe in the fact that I am nothing wihout Him.


Blogger كبر دماغك said...

i really like it although i march in protests and i participated in alot of campaigns against war bas i really admire every word :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009 7:33:00 AM  

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