Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dreams can come true

What Ashton Kutcher is not aware of and I salute him for, is that noble move he performed which filled the hearts of teenagers around the world with hope. Getting married to Demi Moore proved that childhood dreams can come true if you believe in them.

When movies like 'Ghost' and 'Indecent Proposal' came out; Ashton was between 13 and 15 years old. Demi was the woman of his dreams and of every teenager dreams, including myself, my father, my uncles, my teachers, the school's principal and every male on this planet. Demi would have probably gave Kutcher some chocolates or signed posters for herself as giveaways if she had met him 16 years ago. The boy didnt breakdown and weep for not being able to have a glimpse of Demi like any kid having a crush on his ho school teacher would do and lose hope of everything; instead he worked hard and entered the showbiz to be close to her. He had the confidence, he had the fame and he had the humor. He was sure that Demi would easily fall for him and that is what happened.

Bravo Ashton!!!!

To look back when you were 13 and think of what you dreamt of then and did you accomplish it or not is certainly a personal challenge. I remember my 13th birthday... I invited my 4 best guy friends at the time for McDonalds and after that we had a little Mortal Kombat tournament on the mega drive at my place in which I dominated, as usual. I think we also watched a movie that night, 'Basic Instinct' by Sharon Stone. I didnt have big dreams for my future back then. I wanted to be captain of the football team in our school and thank God I did accomplish that! I wanted to be a famous guitarist :( I dont know why didnt the guitar and I get along. I never had the flashy dreams of becoming a sultan or owning the millions. I was born satisfied :)


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