Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Magical Tea Vs. Poisonous Pepsi

When I was born, it was either tea or coffee. Nescafe, Cappuchino, Hot Chocolate and all the latte's were all related to coffee, and you shouldnt have coffee or ask for it as a kid 'that what they told us' because it is not good; for multiple reasons that I am sure everyone heard of. Therefore, all my instincts led me to the tea. Of course as a kid, you try the different kinds of tea. Tea with skimmed milk, with fatty milk, with mint, without mint, with sugar, without sugar, with diet sugar, with the teabag, without the teabag, Lipton tea, Earl Grey tea, Aroussa tea + Al Gawhara tea (Egyptian Local) and so on... I soon disovered that hot tea with mint is the ultimate drink for the Zeek. That was and still is 'my hot drink'! I seriously cannot believe how poeple refuse to enjoy sipping hot tea with mint?!! The crowd nowadays are into the frappe's, milkshakes, flavored coffees, chery coke, energy drinks, you name it!! I try to be objective and accept the logic behind the way people abandon the tea for the other new 20th century drinks which attracts you by their caramel smell and sparkling colors, but I still am not able to figure out how could you go for such drinks when you have a drink that many nations before used to form their economy upon and 'some still do'. People should go back and open the history books, read about the Boston Tea Party or the First Opium War.

This debate takes me to the other part that is killing me, really killing me! Why do people drink Pepsi??? It tastes bad, it makes you burp like Baloo the bear, it softens your bones, it gives you a belly and it affects your throat badly (that's what I tend to believe). I agree that the marketing of Pepsi is appealing, the celebs in their ads are full of shower gels and pradas, but it is still full of poison.

If you just had a big meal and you want to relax, then drink soda water, tonic water or a fresh juice. Go to sleep and you will wake up smiling. You dont have to drink Pepsi to give you the strength and power to fight Mojo Jojo!

I rest my case.

P.S. Even Coke is better.


Blogger Sukie said...

Mojo Jojo! Lol!

I prefer the taste of Pepsi to Coca Cola actually. And I don't really like Pepsi. I like Pepsi Diet. The reason behind it is that when I drink Pepsi, I feel that there is a coat of sugar on my teeth that will not go away until I go home and brush my teeth and that bothers me. Pepsi Diet doesn't really do that.

On occassion, I do enjoy my Pepsi Diet.

I like tea with mint in Ramadan because I got used to it especially in that month. I enjoy it normally but not as much.

I've been into coffee since I was very young and my mom didn't have a problem with me trying it either so I definitely prefer coffee over a lot of other things.

But my favorite all-time drink most definitely has got to be...


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