Sunday, August 06, 2006


I just heard over the weekend that males/females farts an average 14 times a day! This was all good news like music playing in my ears. At last a doctor came out and said that it is unhealthy to keep your fart in!

I can understand girls not farting infrotnt of guys, but what I just dont get, and consider it childish and lame, yes CHILIDISH AND LAME, when some guys get irritated and start acting all uncomfortable when another guy farts. If men are not allowed to fart infront of each other then this is definatly the end of the world! Am I supposed to ask before I fart or take a permission to go to the bathroom and break the wind??!

Where is the man-hood? Where is the man-pact? I dont find any relationship between being well raised and farting. What is the theory of the people opposing it? Smoking in itself is a bad habbit, addictive and it kills you. Farting will never kill you, farting is not addictive. You cannot fart whenever you feel like because you are not able to choose your farting times. You only fart, when you have to. You will never wake up at 4 am and decide to fart, but you can go down at 4 am and keep searching all over to find a store and buy a pack of cigarettes! Oh and if you didnt find the same cigarettes you smoke, you will go crazy and keep searching for another store, etc...! And then you tell me, farting is bad?!! If you are well raised, then you shouldnt smoke or curse, and probably go to bed early every night. So for everyone who claims that farting in public means you werent raised up properly, give me a break. Stop smoking in public and I will stop farting; fair deal I guess.

Howard Stern the Radio king in America is known as the fart champion. Well I do hope that Mr. Stern is aware of the blog world, because I want him to read this carefully; I am the Fart Champion and no one will ever take that from me.


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