Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Forgive...

To forgive those that have hurt us seems at times an almost impossible task. And, often it is. Why? Because we haven't yet learned to forgive ourselves. Some of you might be asking and wondering, what do I have to forgive in myself?

We, as human and fallible beings often do things we're not proud of, or carry unnecessary guilts for things that happened long ago. These guilts weigh us down like a sack of stones slung across our psyche, and must be shed before we move towards the concept of forgiving others. Ask yourself this, if you can't find it within yourself to forgive your own shortcomings and errors, how on earth can you expect to truly forgive, letting go of anger and hate?

The past is dead and unless YOU choose to change that, it will be your constant companion and burden all your days. It will impact every single thing you do whether you realise it or not. Rid yourself of it with whatever means you can. Realise we are none of us perfect nor are we without errors. If you have hurt someone badly, and have a way to make amends, do it.

Belief in a power greater than ones own puny ego helps enormously. For those things that you've done that cannot be amended by letter, calling or simply face to face encounter will do. If you can't locate them due to death or sudden disappearance then ask God to forgive you. This becomes easier the more you use, and soon, you find yourself unwilling to wait to say I'm sorry, or even better I forgive you.

When you reach this stage in your journey, life becomes a more joyous experience, and most days you walk without being burdened by self guilt and hate. You will be able to shed all your old saddles of resentments, misunderstandings and guilts.

I believe this is one of the most important and biggest life lessons I've learned, and always reminding myself with during hard times. It is better to forgive, let go of the hurt and pain, so you are finally free to love another person just because he or she is a child of the universe, unique and valued for simply the person they are. Don't put off the chance to forgive, to shatter the chains of hate and dissension one more minute. Life isn't promised, and you never know when 'I forgive you' comes too late.

I can never undo anything I have said, wrote or done, but I can face up to it. I can tell the truth. I can forgive. I can seek forgiveness. And then let God do the rest.

Last year I raged at 2 guys in my post here and towards a girl there. Even though I was hurt and my writings didn't mean to attack them but instead were more of replying to the stuff they labeled me with, yet I shouldn't have done it. I forgive them, and even though my replies were more of self-defense, yet I was foolish and I shouldn't have done it. I am sorry, and I hope that one day they will forgive me too.

On the other hand I hurt a lot of people in my life, old and young, family and strangers, friends and girlfriends, and even animals too. One thing for sure is that I have never ever intended to hurt them.

Again I was foolish.

Again I am sorry.

And I do hope that one day they will all forgive me too.


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