Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Gamble.

We were going up to the 5th floor
She came in, I knew she lived here
Wanted to strike an impression
One minute was all I had

My friend with me had no clue about her
Neither did he know what's on my mind
I was always mysterious, and no, I didn't try so hard
I didn't try at all actually, it's just my nature

The three of us looked into separate directions
I kept my calm and talked to my friend
Little spoken in a quiet voice
Just like we all do in places like this
We were on the 4th floor and I had to talk now

I knew both of us have someone in common
I brought his name up to my friend
My friend was shocked and wondered why?
Why am I mentioning that guy's name now?
I could see her noting that down
It was our stop; goodbyes, we all hate it

Next day, I received a call on my house phone
Mobiles were non existent back then
It was my friend; no, not from last night
It's the common guy I have with the girl

'A girl I know likes you,
She wants to talk to you over the phone,
She also wants to meet up with you.
Are you interested?,' he said

We talked but never met
Swamped and hoovered in exams
We had to postpone
It was not meant to be

We never talked in real life
We see each other and we both remember
We will never forget that phone call
We will never forget that the elevator


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